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Episode 55: Financial Planning in Your Business With Paul Adams

On this episode of Bella in Your Business, Bella spends time with Paul Adams, President and Founder of Sound Financial Group.

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Paul Adams, President and Found of Sound Financial Group

They discuss:

  •  The roles finances play in our business
  • Why it is so hard for the self-employed to pay themselves
  • What happens when we don’t focus on being financially fit
  • Steps you should take to get yourself financially fit
  •  How Luke 16:10 pertains to building business & wealth.

Paul Adams is President and founder of Sound Financial Group where he and his team help clients maintain healthy balance sheets, stop forfeiting money unnecessarily to the IRS, and to build and protect their plans for the future. The cornerstone of his advice relies on the belief that people should always make their financial decisions based upon indisputable math and independent scholarship, not based on media hype, hearsay, or trend.

Paul is also an accomplished speaker and the of author two essential financial guides – Stop Burning Your Money and Sound Financial Advice – 
and in 2016 was interviewed by Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc. magazines.


Also, Paul has made available a PDF copy of his book Sound Financial Advice.  E-mail Bella at for more information.

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2 replies
  1. Melanie H.
    Melanie H. says:

    Paul, thanks so much for the great info. I’ve since started listening to your Podcasts and have found nearly all of them to be relevant to me and my life. I’ve started from the beginning so this may not be relevant anymore when I catch up to your current podcast episodes, but you mention a lot that “most of the listeners here” or “this would apply to most of the people here” and you go on to say the $200k, $300k etc earners. I just wanted to let you know that the information you share on your podcasts can apply to anyone really and I appreciate Bella having you on here and introducing me to you. Thanks Bella!


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