Episode 61: Overcoming Procrastination With Eric Twiggs

Procrastination is something that EVERYBODY struggles with – and Eric Twiggs, expert in overcoming procrastination, knows that. But is there anything you can do about it?

Join Bella & Eric on this episode of Bella In Your Business where they discuss:

  • Why procrastination is something you need to tackle and overcome NOW
  • A few easy steps to overcoming procrastination
  • How to know if you struggle with procrastination
Overcoming Procrastination

Eric Twiggs – Expert In Overcoming Procrastination

Eric Twiggs is an expert in overcoming procrastination and the author of The Discipline Of Now: 12 Practical Principles To Overcome Procrastination. 

He has conducted over 28,000 coaching sessions with entrepreneurs, lead organizations of 500 or more people in corporate America, and shared his message with corporations, associations, and congregations across the country.

If you have been looking for practical principles to help you maximize your time, minimize your stress, and break the procrastination habit so that you can accomplish your goals and achieve fulfillment.  

Learn more about Eric Twiggs on his website or Twitter:

Website  www.ericmtwiggs.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thedisciplineofnow

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