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Episode 64: Maximizing & Analyzing Your SEO With Bethanie Nonami

SEO, or “search engine optimization,” is an extremely important aspect of your business in terms of gaining new clients. Why? Because it dictates how your website will show up on Google results!

So how can you improve your SEO and how will you know if your efforts are working? Bethanie Nonami of Marley Nonami has the answers.


Bethanie Nonami

Bethanie is an avid reader (and Audible & podcast listener), movie goer, foodie and loves super fast & loud cars. She helps people grow and scale their businesses by giving you access to your data and understanding the why behind your customers, leads and sales.   Bethanie’s insight changes the way you sell. Bethanie loves fixing broken marketing systems and business processes to increase your revenues so you get back to doing what you loved enough to start your business in the first place!

Listen in as Bella & Bethanie discuss these important questions regarding SEO and analytics:

  • Whether or not your business needs to have a blog
  • The most important aspects to understand about SEO and analytics
  • What a “sales funnel” is and why you need one

As a special gift, Bethanie is offering a SEO Masterclass exclusively for Bella In Your Business listeners! Claim it here:

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