Episode 70: Facebook Bots 101 With Surbhi Sinha

Have you heard about Facebook Bots yet? If not, now’s your chance. It’s a brand new feature that has come to Facebook in order to help market your business, while reducing the amount of time you’re spending online! On this episode Bella speaks with Surbhi Sinha from PerfectingProfit.com. They discuss the in’s and out’s of this new technology including:

    • What are bots?
    • How can pet sitters use Facebook bots to their advantage?

      Facebook Bots

      Surbhi Sinha – PerfectingProfit.com

    • What happens to your bots if nobody messages your business’s Facebook page?
    • What is the success rate of Facebook bots?
    • Why is it important that I implement bots NOW?

How did this all start? Bella wanted a bot for the Jump Consulting Facebook page, so she searched her network and found Surbhi. She was able to create “Jumpy Bot” on the Jump Consulting Facebook page (go there now and test it out!), and got incredible responses from those who experienced it. So she thought she would have Surbhi on the show!

Surbhi Sinha is the owner of PerfectingProfit.com She provides done-for-you bots for online and offline entrepreneurs.


Check out Surbhi’s free guide to increase your email open rate by SEVEN TIMES using bots in your funnel:  http://perfectingprofit.com/bot-guide-2/

Little Extra:

facebook bots for pet sittersWhat you are seeing here is a broadcast I did to my network of subscribers on my Facebook bot. Within one hour, I had a 75% open ratio and a lot of them replied back to me. Bots can be so powerful in your business.

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