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As business owners, sometimes it’s hard to remember to block out free time for ourselves and just RELAX. To figure out how to solve this problem, I sat down with Joy Evanns, the “Say No Like A Pro” mentor. Joy Evanns is the author of Saying YES to LESS.  A recovering perfectionist, Joy travels the world to support high achieving women who are tired of feeling drained and spread too thin. She helps them discover where to find time for long vacations, guilt-free lazy afternoons, and quality time with their families.  By learning to set boundaries and say YES to LESS in her own life and in her former career as a graphic designer for clients such as Nike & Adidas, she eliminated resent from her relationships, increased her income, and healed chronic asthma and back pain.  She is an award-winning author and her second book, Achieve MORE by saying YES to LESS, is due out November, 2017. boundaries

Listen in as Joy & Bella delve into how business owners can carve out more free time for themselves by discussing:

  • What it means to say YES to LESS & NO like a PRO
  • The importance of setting boundaries, and how you can stick to them
  • How business owners can take vacations and not feel guilty!

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Learn more about Joy on her website: joyevanns.com

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