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Episode 75: Order Taker To Problem Solver With Aaron Pierson

“Worry less about the impressions your brand will get, worry more about the impression it will leave.”Aaron Pierson


On this episode of Bella In Your Business, Bella and Aaron Pierson, International Branding Consultant, sit down to discuss how he went from an order taker to a problem solver. Bella & Aaron discuss important topics such as:

pet business problem solver

Aaron Pierson

  • How often business owners should be asking questions versus talking to clients.
  • Why pet sitting and dog walking business owners need to disrupt in their local communities and online, and HOW they can accomplish this.
  • When pet sitting and dog walking business owners need to modify their pricing model
  • Pains, gains, and solutions!

Aaron Pierson is also a Best Selling Author and Digital Strategy Director/Founder at Vitals Agency. Learn more about him at his website,, where he offers free resources as well as his podcast and his book.

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