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Episode 79: Website Creation & Optimization With Erika Godwin

Erika Godwin is the Co-Founder and the Chief Marketing Officer of ProPet Software, a boarding kennel, dog daycare and pet grooming management software. She is also an expert on website creation, maintenance, and SEO.

pet sitter website optimization

Show Highlights:

  • What is the difference between an HTTP & HTTPS backup? [3:30]
  • Why do business owners need a virtual webmaster to help keep their sites up to date? [6:25]
  • How do plugins, speed/performance, and SEO all affect each other? [11:45]
  • Is it true that Google won’t show my website if my mobile website isn’t up to date? [13:00]
  • Are branded emails a thing of the past or an up-and-coming trend? [16:00]
  • What are the biggest mistakes pet sitters make on their websites and social media? [18:00]


Downloadable Offer:

Erika is offering websites to pet sitters for 93% off what it would normally cost. This $5,000 website is only $350 and will include all your own copy and logo. It is a crazy deal that has never been done in the industry. Link

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