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Episode 87: The Importance of Workers’ Compensation with Mark Shaver

Today we talk to Mark Shaver, the owner of Buckhead Paws outside of Atlanta, GA about the importance of workers’ compensation. workers compensation


Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want To Miss:

  • What is Workers’ Compensation? Basically, it is a way to help protect yourself and your employees in case of an accident. There is no coverage for independent contractors. However, when you have employees they qualify for WC which will help cover lost wages and help pay for medical bills.
  • One accident could easily total over $60,000. This can multiply quickly if lawsuits come into play. It’s better to play it safe and have coverage for accidents.
  • Pet sitters that work with a business that is covered under Workers’ Compensation have a special peace of mind. In case of an accident, they can take time to heal without having to worry about missing work and bills piling up. When you are an independent contractor, you may not be covered in ways that you should be in a similar situation.
  • You have to understand the magnitude of what can happen if you get sued. And there is so much more comfort in knowing that your business and everything that you have worked for will not be taken away by an accident.

workers' compensation

Show Highlights:

  • Why Workers’ Compensation is important and how accidents happen [2:00]
  • The story that made Bella stunned and speechless. Accidents happen and this is why you need coverage for your business. Some accidents are horrifying, like this terrible tale of a sitter impaled on a fence. [5:45]
  • How close to home it hit for Mark and his staff [14:00]
  • Why you should take a good risk assessment in your business and the peace you get from being covered. [21:00]


[Tweet ““Business always comes down to how much risk do we want to take?””]

[Tweet ““Do it to protect them. Do it to protect yourself.””]

[Tweet ““Things do happen and it’s our job to figure out what we want to do.””]

[Tweet ““Let’s take a good risk assessment.””]


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More About Mark:

Mark is the very proud parent of three adult children. Also, Mark is a member of Pet Sitters, International; the Georgia Network of Professional Pet Sitters; and The Buckhead Business Association. Not to mention, Mark is also certified in Pet First Aid. Pets have been a part of Mark’s life since he was born. Over the years, Mark has shared his life with quite a collection of critters, including dogs, cats, tropical fish, rats (the pet kind!), lizards, and even a couple chinchillas. His business, Buckhead Paws, was started by a young woman who had a small sole proprietor pet sitting business. To begin with, she started sitting for a friend which extended to a small circle of others.  However, soon her life headed in a different direction. Her family was growing and they were moving out of the area. Eventually, friends of friends introduced Mark with this young woman and they struck up a “handshake” agreement for him to take over her small business After some time Mark grew the business and ended up buying it from her and growing it into the Buckhead Paws we know today.

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  1. Space Coast Pet Services
    Space Coast Pet Services says:

    I have listened to this episode at least 2 times. OK, maybe 3. The story is quite extraordinary and mind blowing that I had to hear it again. But also, I’m a former peach (lived in GA) so instantly had that connection as well. Great reminder about risk taking. Is cutting corners and not protecting your business (which includes your employees) worth rising it ALL? Not for me! Thanks for this episode! Let’s all hope and pray we never get skewered in our butt cheek – freezing weather or otherwise!! Glad she is well.


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