How To Leverage Your Competition For More Sales Podcast Episode Featured Image

Episode #265: How To Leverage Your Competition For More Sales

How To Leverage Your Competition For More Sales Podcast Episode Featured Image


Aaron Miller is going to join us to share a technique that has always helped him stay ahead of the sales game… How to use your competition to make your business better. Aaron has spent his life learning and mastering the art of sales and the psychology behind it. With all his educational experience and field experience he has learned some tricks over the years to make the process smooth and easy. This technique has enabled him to be able to see how to stand out to a potential client.  Today, he is going to tell you how you can do this too.



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Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want To Miss:

The Right Mindset

The most important thing you can do to increase your chances of success is getting in the right mindset. The Pet Industry is a huge market that is relatively generalized so using your passion for your business is going to stand out when you are talking to a potential client.

How Your Competition Benefits You

Most people think competition is bad, that is can lead to negativity. However, that is not necessarily true. Your competition can teach you so much about your business and style and can even show you where you can improve if you look close enough. Competition can be a major benefit and it is important to know who they are and what they do.

What Can Be Learned

Communicate and ask questions. Find out what problems you can solve and help guide your potential prospects. It is important to be human and use your passion for your business to help these potential clients understand how you are different than your competitors and why you are the best option.


Be confident and know your competition


Show Highlights

  • How to get out of your current mindset [6:55]
  • What to look for in your competition and how you can leverage it [23.00]
  • The biggest takeaways from the last 3 Episodes [29.44]




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