The Biggest Mistakes Dog Walkers Make On Facebook

Ah, good old Facebook! It is exploding with growth, constantly changing, yet our behaviors as marketers haven’t changed much. Many people talk bad about Facebook.

People think that you have to pay to play.

People wonder how to “crack the code” despite Mark Zuckerberg himself coming directly out and giving us a roadmap on how to succeed in Facebook Land.

Yet, many dog walkers still just struggle to get a good return on their investment.


The struggle is real.  Can you relate?

Social Media Strategist and Chat Bot expert Kelly Noble Mirabella from Stellar Media Marketing had this to say about all the changes:

“The talk about the newsfeed does have me thinking, and I think any business using Facebook should be looking for ways to “be the destination” as Bella Vasta has taught us, regardless of the newsfeed.

Like it or not there has been a MAJOR shift at Facebook this year. People have been let go or left after YEARS of working on Facebook.

For example, 3rd in charge at Facebook, Chris Cox, is now gone with no replacement in site. What’s more interesting is Mark’s big push to focus on stories, groups, and messages

Sick of doing your own graphics? Want us to do them for you? Space is limited.(along with Instagram products). He is so focused on these things that most of the departments in charge of these aspects of the business report directly to Mark Zuckerberg.

Is the newsfeed dead? No.

Will, it ever go away? (NEVER SAY NEVER).

I think one thing we can rely on is change is in the air. How will you be adjusting your marketing to meet the challenge? My advice, focus on learning and adopting Chatbots (Messenger Marketing), Facebook Groups and Niche Communities, Instagram, and stories. But it is not enough to adopt them, you MUST create a destination where people will GO OUT OF THEIR way to consume your content.”

I love Kelly’s bird’s eye view on this “problem” that many of us feel when it comes to Facebook.

I agree with everything she says, especially that we must get out of this 2010 mindset. Things are changing and there is a new way to do things that will never have you scrambling.

But first, we need to stop with the mistakes.

These mistakes lead to frustration and wasted time and I don’t want that for any Jumper!

Here are the biggest mistakes I see some dog walkers making on Facebook every day.

Post Frequency is Too Little or Too Much.

Posting too little

If I were to go to your Facebook page right now, when was the last time you posted? If you didn’t post in this past week you aren’t posting nearly enough. You have to keep in mind that most clients go to your social media to try to visualize their pets in your care. They want to see what you are doing. The story your Facebook feed tells them will make or break potential clients checking you out. If they see that you aren’t very active, they will wonder all sorts of things.

Posting too much

It isn’t recommended to post any more than once a day. In fact Hubspot found in a study that posting more than two times a day dropped the respondent’s engagement by over 50%! When you post too much, it isn’t that it looks bad to the potential clients, but Facebook just won’t favor your page in the feed. I would keep it to once a day.

I loved what Andrew and Pete said about this at their keynote at Social Media Marketing World 2019. Here is an entertaining video they recorded talking a lot about this topic and what you should do:


The Content of the Postings Is Not Helpful

Straight From Instagram

If you are posting from your Instagram directly to your Facebook page, stop!!!

The way you tell stories on Instagram is very different than Facebook. Hashtags are different. Just forwarding posts over to Facebook from Instagram screams that you flat out don’t care.

Why send people to a Facebook feed when it is really just your Instagram feed? There is nothing unique or engaging in this. It can send a signal that you just don’t care.


Sharing Other Brand’s Content

You might see some content that you think is really interesting and want to share it.

I would caution yourself to think, “Is this helping my strategy?”

If the answer is no, then don’t post it. If you don’t have a strategy, then don’t post it.

Almost everything you post needs to lead back to your core message and strategy for your Facebook page.

Sure, occasional shares of a cute pet video are great. It might even get you a lot of likes. But, do you know the strategy around that? Do you know that there may even be a best time frame to post it that would help a future, more important, post from your brand

Only Sharing Pictures With No Story.

Facebook LOVES engagement and what better way to garner it than by telling a captivating story that hooks the reader in to participate somehow in your post?

Always be thinking of your audience and how you can help them. Don’t just post pictures, but tell a story about something that has to do with the picture when it was taken.


Wrong Calls to Action

Calls to Action (aka CTAs) are huge in every single part of marketing that you do. They tell your viewer WHAT you want them to do.

Chat Bots Done Wrong

Sometimes when I land on a Facebook page there is this spammy bot that pops up. It is more of a nuisance than anything else because I have to click it away so I can see your page. Unless you have put a strategy into your bot, I really wouldn’t allow it to pop up just because you can.

In The Cover Section


(This is a cover video from the Better Marketing with Bella program)


Video is key.

What type of impression are you making out the gate with the new viewer on your page?

Is your cover section a stale image from years ago that looked like your 10yr old son made it in middle school?

Or is it a beautiful video displaying the month of the year and all the dog-inspired events or activities?

Which one says that you have time to devote to your business and wowing your clients?

Invest the time, or money, into beautiful cover photos or videos that speak directly to your audience and aren’t spammy.

Send A Message

There is a great spot on the top of every business profile on the right side that you can set as your CTA. Most say, “send message“. I would say you should have “contact me” on there. Just hover over the button on desktop and press the edit button. There, you can change it to whatever you want.

What mistakes are you making on Facebook?

Maybe you didn’t even realize you were making these mistakes. Maybe you wanted to ignore it. NOW is the time to make the changes and start seeing more success in your business.

If you are looking to REALLY rock your marketing plan, I want to invite you to join me in  Better Marketing With Bella. This is a six-month program that helps you rock your marketing with branded graphics, videos, emails, cover videos, and more! You can learn more about the program right here.

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