7 Facebook Tips You Should Always Be Doing For Your Business

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One of my top tips for being more successful in your pet sitting company is to get OFF Facebook. It seems to suck the life out of us. There are people who only connect with other human beings on Facebook and it is important to get out and live life!

Although, many people’s excuses for being online is that they have to be posting and interacting to get their engagement up or just to keep up with it all. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many things can be done in minimal time if planned ahead. See what I mean below:

Scheduling posts – If you are infrequent, then schedule them to come out. At LEAST three times a week. When you are sporadic with posting it makes you look like you are not serious about your business. If you have a FB icon listed on your website and I go to your page and it hasn’t been updated, it isn’t helping your brand.

Cover profile and profile picture – Primo spots for branding. A Selfie or non professional photo says that you don’t take your business seriously or don’t have much money. Invest in places like fiverr.com that can create great cover profiles for you!

Hastags – See my blog on hastags, but if your FB is connected with Twitter you will want hastags.

Updates – Google searches your key words in your status updates. Keep that in mind when you are posting again and again about missing pets or pets needing homes. If you do that, it is a great way for google to see you as a rescue group! (PS This is why G+ is even better!)

Post your current and past blogs – If you have a blog, post your own stuff. Why would I come to your Fb page, to be directed OFF it, in a DIFFERENT direction, just to go to someone else’s site? You need to keep them in your own house!

Number of Likes- Don’t mean a thing! In fact if you have a ton of likes and no comments, then you could appear to be a fake or that you “bought” the likes! There are pet sitting companies I know who have done this….

Engagement – Go right now and press VIEW INSIGHTS. Facebook does a really good job at explaining what it all means. How do people find your Fb page? Google or your business website? Mine were from google. It can also tell you what types of posts that your following is most likely to engage in. Usually it is the ones with pictures of videos! 🙂

These are are just some of the things to be aware of when you are on Facebook to help your business. Personally, the scheduling posts are the biggest thing for me. In a crazy world when you can start off with a clear day, things get hectic. If you plan ahead, your posting on your business Facebook page will not suffer.


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