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  1. Tanya
    Tanya says:

    Hey Danielle! Couple of questions…

    In lesson One of your EQSP, you ask “How much do you want to make by the end of the year”. Should this number be Gross or Net?

    You also say- Now that you have it all written down, write down how many visits will you need to achieve you daily goal? What if you offer a variety of services- i.e. dog walks, boarders, etc. How should I structure this to fit my business.

    My other question: How do you suggest I structure my 30% 30% 40% for dog walks, I’m having a hard time deciding- HOW and WHAT to pay my dog walkers and how to structure their work throughout the day.

    Group Dog Walks are the bulk of the business, generally an hour per walk. Most of which you talk about are Pet Visits, which are shorter in time.

    Thoughts… Advise?

    Thanks so much!
    ~ T


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