Find The Pain And Be The Solution To Gain More Clients

Find The Pain And Be The Solution To Gain More Clients

A very important person in my life was talking to me about the sales he does in his office and he was describing to me something he was telling his staff.

Find the pain and be their solution.

Imagine this…you get a call from a prospective client. They are scared to leave their pet at home with a stranger and they have never used a professional pet sitter before. You know that you are amazing. Your clients know that you are amazing. But how do you get it across to this potential client that you are trustworthy, know all about pets and their house wont be a scene out of Animal House while they are away?

Speak to their pain.

Be the solution.

Be confident that you are the ONLY solution.

Often times, as pet sitters, I think we just want to listen to how adorable their pets are…and then tell them how much our services are. It really isn’t solving any problem other than creating a new problem, a hole in their wallet. Let’s switch our thinking to: They are calling you because they have a problem. They have a pain. The pain of trying to trust someone enough to come and take care of their pride and joy. In fact, I just got an email yesterday that said: ” I’ve never left her with a stranger but know she’ll be fine.”

Next time, try coming at the caller’s problem from “let me help solve this problem for you”  “I know how daunting it can be” and then follow up with an email proving why you are the best by showing them testimonies from past clients? This would put a whole new spin on things and really separate you from the competition who is usually only talking about price.

Being a part of the solution.

You would be selling the value of your service and offering up (in your eyes) the ONLY solution to their problem. This, is where knowing your company values is huge! What can you now offer up as a solution that is different than the next pet sitting company on the list that they are about to call? Everyone has the “best” care. Everyone is bonded and insured. Almost everyone is a part of a national organization. But are you award winning? Do you have notable people like veterinarians in your area that vouch for your services? Have you been published in local publications or been on local media weighing in on important pet topics? Is there something about the way you run your operation different than anyone else? These are all going to be solutions that are specifically about YOUR company and a answer to your callers pain.

Find the pain. Solve the pain. Be the solution. It is that easy.

Now here is to you… What do you think? Have you ever thought about this approach? Do you think it would work for you? Is your business unique enough that you can highlight why you are different than the next pet sitting company on the list? Sound off below. In fact try it and tell me how you felt about it! It will work!