{FREE} Pet Sitter and Dog Walker Marketing, SEO, and Social Media Training Series

{FREE} Pet Sitter and Dog Walker Marketing, SEO, and Social Media Training Series

Free Pet Sitter and Dog Walker Marketing Training

Ever wish you could get free training on marketing, SEO, or websites?

I am pretty sure you do because as members enter into my free facebook group, over half of them are wondering about how to market online.

It is their biggest challenge.

They ask:
How do I get more customers using social?
How do I show up better on the search engines?

It is all like this mystical unicorn flying around that everyone wants to catch.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Especially now, during/after COVID has taken many businesses to their knees. I am sure something like this would be exciting and welcomed right now. Something you can learn about?

It is already created… and FREE!

I while back Erika from Barketing Blog and I did a series for you called Jump Into Barketing! It lives on the Jump Consulting Facebook page on a playlist, but when was the last time you looked at a playlist? So I thought I would put it all together here for you 🙂 Here they all are. Free Marketing Training  for you!


How To Rank For The Right Search Terms On Your Website:

Erika builds websites all day long. Probably done hundreds of pet sitting websites and my clients. She knows what she is talking about. (PS) We had tech issues on this one so skip ahead to the 7 min mark!


Offline Bootstrap Marketing Ideas For Your Dog Walking Business

In this training, we took it offline and talked about things that you can do around town to drum up interest in your business. These just take some elbow grease and a 100 watt smile. Freebies included


Sick of doing your own graphics? Want us to do them for you? Space is limited.


Why It Is Important To Constantly Monitor Your Website and What To Watch For

It isn’t enough to just have a website. You have to make sure it works. It is like asking yourself if you would never get an oil change for your car or tune up? It is needed. Today, Erika shows you exactly what you need to watch for… Freebies included


8 Things You Need to Do Well On Facebook To Grow Your Business

These are timeless tips, taken directly from the presentation I gave when I presented at the Groom Expo. You can use these tips today! Freebies included 

mastermind pet sitting


How To Use Facebook Groups To Expand Your Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business and Get More Staff

Facebook groups are still all the rage. They are a powerful tool that you can leverage by starting your own or contributing to an existing one.   I speak on stages all around the world on this topic, so listen in as I take that knowledge, apply to to the pet industry and give you three examples of companies killing it by marketing on Facebook Groups! Freebies included. 


Creating Your Avatar, Buyer Personal, Customer Profiles…

Knowing your customer intimately will make all the difference in the content you create, the messaging you post, and the way you position your website.  Freebies included


How to Rock Facebook Competitions

The legend Kate McQuillan from Pet Sitters Ireland joins the show today to walk you through everything you need to know to have a successful competition.


How To Use Social Proof To Explode Your Business


How many google Facebook reviews do you have? Do you know what to do with them once you get them? How to leverage the most out of them? This training is going to teach you exactly what to do with them.


How to Get The Right Community Partnerships That Will Help Your Business

Ever try to connect with your community but sad about how it has come out? Want to get more out of these relationships to help your business and theirs? Today’s training will show you just that!

Here are more free marketing training resources from our blog…

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