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“When doors open, it is still your responsibility to walk through them. So get stepping!!!” – Andrew P.

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If you have ever had the opportunity to contract my pet sitting business coaching services, I start out by telling you that I have two rules.

RULE #1 – You are your own worst enemy.

RULE #2 – Who cares about the competition.

Rule #1 is the one I am about to focus on and rip apart. Are you ready?

So many times in life things leave us petrified by fear. Like the petrified forest in Muir Woods, nothing has changed in hundreds of years… Our own thoughts and perceptions in life is what holds up captive.

I meet so many smart, intelligent, creative minds through my pet sitting business coaching services… sometimes they are trapped by nothing else other than just themselves. So how does someone get out of it?



1 – Get over yourself! Stop thinking that the world begins and ends with you… not everyone is watching you and you are not the best thing since sliced bread.

2 – You will make mistakes! The sooner you realize you are going to mess up, the easier it will be to accept it. You are not perfect. Just when you are able to take the step and have someone JUMP with you (www.jumpconsulting.net) then it will be easier along the way because I will look back and tell you “Don’t make that mistake. I did and it sucked!”

3 – You can’t always make everyone happy.Don’t let your fear of not for filling others plans for your life prevent you from moving forward. The more you know about yourself and who you are, the easier this will be. Not everyone is going to agree with your decisions, but in order to move forward with confidence, you need to be confident in yourself.

4- Stand up to the voices in your life that are not you. All too often, while trying to impress others, we give up self in order to fulfil their projected outlook on our lives. THEY DON’T MATTER (to an extent). You must have a strong sense of self, direction, and passion to push forward. No family member, spouse, or friend can hold you back…unless you let them.

These are the same things that prevent us from setting goals. From turning dreams into reality. You attitude should be filled with I CAN. Not… “I can only if…” You must get rid of the stinking thinking, acknowledge that you are not perfect, you can’t always make everyone happy, and make a conscious promise to yourself to take a STAND in your life!!!!

You CAN do it. Why? Because no one else can do it for you.

If you would like that extra accountability, sounding board, and encouragement… consider shooting me an email. I love being a cheer leader with my pet sitting business coaching services to you. I have a big dose of motivation to push you forward for YOUR OWN goals..

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  1. Julie
    Julie says:

    RULE #1 – You are your own worst enemy.

    This is so true! Danielle helped me to see how I was sabotaging success by pre-judging what services my clients wanted. To my surprise, clients are willing to pay a premium price for premium services.


  2. Bob Allaire
    Bob Allaire says:

    Danielle, way to go! Kick their little butt into gear! I run a Pet Sitting business that only charges $8 per visit plus $2 for every additional friend. Every sitter in my area insults, threatens, and says that my marketing plan will never work. Yet I’m crushing it. Very little overhead. Not working further than 10 mile radius from my home. 3 years in the business, happy clients, great referrals, and no stopping growth in site. Just one thing that might help your audience; When you are asking for doors to open up for your business, the only sure way to know is to turn the knob. i.e. Execute your plan and push through the negitivity!

    • Bella
      Bella says:

      Hi Bob! I like the turn the knob scenario! Although I really encourage you to charge a living wage for your services. $10 is below poverty and undercutting the industry. The average 30 min visit is $20. I am not sure what they are saying about “marketing” plan but with those prices, you will not continue to be in business long. Perhaps a non-profit for a long time, but not “business” 🙂 -Bella


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