Help! Where Do I Learn About Google + For My Pet Sitting Business?

Help! Where Do I Learn About Google + For My Pet Sitting Business?

For those that have been following me over the past few days on Google + and in my community, you will know that I have been getting serious about Google + and it is my prediction that this is what is really going to set you up and over your competition. It is going to take your blogging to a whole new universe, and it is going to teach you more than you ever wanted to know.

Just another Facebook? No! Facebook is filled with relationships and chatter. Google + is more about learning… to grow your business, to learn a new hobby, to teach yourself a new trick, and to connect with people who are amazing thought leaders in all types of industries. Facebook, is totally different. And Google + isn’t just about “getting a profile and forgetting about it”

(Can you tell I am excited? )
Google + is a social network. Much like Facebook you have a profile page and a business page. Your business page can be connected to your YouTube and Reviews. It is very confusing at first but I proimise you, stick with it, be a part of the solution and you will get it.

At first, I admit, not many were actually using it. But when your Google + profile is searched by the actual Google engine, then yeah… if you are a small business it might be great to jump on board.

Google has endless products, services, and apps that they can help your business with. I am still learning and have been evolved in a 48 hour overhaul while getting my website to go faster. How did I finally do all of this?

Google Helpouts.

Go there. Google helpouts. It is your friend. Actual human beings, will join you in a private video conference to help you work through everything. Gone are the days where you read through websites on How To’s and now you have a person sitting right there with you (virtually) helping you get through it all. After all, that is how I was able to get my 4 Youtube stations, 3 profiles, 5 business pages, and God knows what else, all consolidated to two easy to use “profiles”   Now, I admit, everything isn’t perfect, and I still have to wait 9 days for one of the transfers (merging two profile pages) to go through… but I am so much closer than I was three days ago. When it was a crazy messed up spider web that I didn’t understand.

For those of you who know me, you know I am not the type to speak or teach unless I really feel like I know exactly what I am talking about inside the problem and on top of it. I defiantly do not understand all that is “google +” but I am learning and invite you to learn with me inside Jump Consulting’s Google + community (think “group” on Facebook)

So… here are some things I have learned.

1 – Not to delete my accounts that already have 100+ people following me. When I post blogs to these circles (think groups of friends) it holds more klout in Google’s eyes because I have a bigger audience.
2 – Your circles are like a way to classify people. The standard lists things like Friends, Family, Acquaintances, but I encourage you to create your own like, Clients, Pet Sitters, Friends, Networking, etc.

3 – One circle you create could be people you admire, or want to follow, like thought leaders, and others could be people who you want to see your “news” Circles allow you to have a profile that is YOU and you can attract, promote, or learn in whatever circle you want to share or create in.  No longer do you need everything separate!

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 9.40.01 PM

4 – Google Helpouts is a God send! I got in early with a great guy named Chris Hubbell. He was working for free at the time just to gain lots of great rankings so that he could eventually start charging…. Well that didn’t take long. It is also how I found Joshua Cheney (a recommendation from Chris) to help me speed up my website.

In a age when google is God when it comes to the internet, and you can have your google listings appear with not only your reviews and stars but also Google + page… that could be huge to the next client who is looking for a pet sitter for Fido. They can virtually get to know you! What is your profile saying about you?

Authorship & Publisher

Now it gets REALLY mind blowing…..

“Authorship is establishing you, to Google, as the author of a piece of content that gets published on a website. In simple terms, it’s like establishing yourself as the confirmed author of your blog by using your Google+ profile. And they take your Google+ profile picture and use it as the author picture in SERPs. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell.”  Read more at

Google Publisher  is something that every single serious pet sitting business owner on the web who blogs needs to understand. I am not even going to try to explain it. I am going to tell you that you need to read this:

Did you click on it and read???
So eventually, no longer will your amazing blogs that you have been writing show up as just the TITLE, but also your little picture next to it. Now which one do you think YOU will click on if you were the potential client?
Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 9.19.27 PM

When pet sitters are constantly trying to sell TRUST ( that is what we sell, not dog walking, pet sitting, litter scooping) what better way than to get on this wave and make it work for you?

My challenge to you:

Spend one week doing everything you can on Google +  Talk to the experts, I am not one of them, and get them to virtually sit next to you and show you around, explain it, and help you through it all.

I am willing to bet that you have a few more profiles than you realized and I know I have heard pet sitters wonder about their review pages and google maps, local, etc. Argh. Even writing this is giving me a headache. But take this – I learned SO MUCH in the past two days by stumbling around with Chris. Yes, I got headaches. Yes, it was tough… but get in now.  USE these resources.

It is time to take your website and your social network and let them do the talking and selling online. It is here, and it isn’t going anywhere.

Side note, Google + is a GREAT place to learn things. There are so many people sharing info on there… just dive in!

More things to come soon. This is really just an open letter/ramble to you all so you can see what I have been doing since Wednesday and I hope that I gave you a little direction to go in. Dive in. Google it! Get on Helpout. Become a student! Learn!!! I promise, I will have more to come soon.