Why You Should Care About Your Holiday Cover Profiles & Blogging

Why You Should Care About Your Holiday Cover Profiles & Blogging

Every time there is a holiday coming up, I always remind the pet sitters in my coaching group “Show me your [INSERT HOLIDAY HERE] photos!” 

Most of the time, I am met with either the same people posting or even no response. This time I was actually told I was depressing them because they hadn’t done anything with it.

Why not? Come on everyone! Let’s go! This is an exciting time! A chance to be noteworthy or share worthy. A chance to really separate yourself from the “competition” and show that you are a hip, happening, brand who has the time and energy to care about the things that your clients are caring about.

After all, if you are a pet sitting company, most of your clients are travelers, right? So why not enhance, remind, celebrate, or give suggestions on how to do this?


Shows That You Are Not A Stale Brand

Being a part of current events will help show that your brand isn’t flat. It isn’t just out there and only about me, me, me. It shows that you take the time, energy, and money to put current celebrations into your brand. It is the same thing as Macy’s decorating for Christmas. They want to be inviting for people to come and shop and BUY!


Reminds People About The Holiday Coming Up

With so many pet care companies being focused on pet sitting, they attract a LOT of travelers. How about promoting a summer special with awesome rates to entice your followers to take a stay-cation (a vacation where you stay in town). The winter holidays is when a lot of people travel. Or school holidays is when the school aged families travel. Or the single middle daggers taking a short three day weekend trip on Labor Day or Memorial Day? Let’s celebrate these moments.


Gives You Something To Be Relevant About

While everyone else is squawking about “look at the pets we are pet sitting for”  …. YOU can be showing 5 Extravagant Christmas Gifts for your Pets or doing a simple graphic on 4th of July pet tips to be shared around.

This took me 5 minutes to create.
This took me 5 minutes to create.

You can even pitch these tis bits of juicy secret’s to the local media and maybe they will pick it up to do a story! You never know when you start posting and tweeting!


Reuse & Recycle

The VERY BEST part of this entire thought process is that it can be reused over and over and over again! Just think, every 365 days this event comes around again. Every year, if you create a few blogs, graphics, covers, all of a sudden you have an entire arsenal of things each year to share. It builds on each other and you can NEVER go wrong. It NEVER gets old.


But Bella, “I don’t have the time or creativity to do all of this stuff!”

Really? I know how you feel. BECAUSE I DON’T EITHER. But I am sure you can afford $15 for one blog or $5 for one cover profile or graphic right? Hire this task out if you can’t find the time or just plain don’t want to! This day in age, that excuse is just you giving excuses. I won’t accept them! You can:

  1. Go to Fiverr.com and find someone to do a cover profile or graphic.
  2. Hire one of my bloggers to write an article for you (email me for the hook up)
  3. Talk to Kate at www.pawsomemedia.com and grab one of her packages that she has for sale. (Guaranteed to actually WORK!)
  4. Talk to Kayla at iSpotMedia (again, email me for the hook up)
  5. You can also do www.canva.com for graphics.

See? there really isn’t any reason to not be able to do it all. You CAN.


Just Remember That Whatever You Put Out There

1. Reflects your branding colors and font and logo

So what do you think? Easy enough? I want you to get involved. In the comments below, I want you to link a cover profile, graphic, or blog that you have done for a recent holiday so everyone can see the variety of options out there. Do you have any tips or resources for them?