How Do I Compete With The $10 Pet Sitting Rates That Some Companies Charge?

How Do I Compete With The $10 Pet Sitting Rates That Some Companies Charge?

“Comparing your business to the hobbyist, is like the local convenient store being threatened by neighborhood kid’s lemon-aid stand.”


Whether you are in the pet sitting industry or you are in the purse business… there is always going to be someone willing to do what you do for less. It is a fact of life and it will always be there. Look at this website. Here, there is a list of what people are willing to do for only $5!

So what do you do?

Stop caring!  There is a reason why there is Flemmings Steakhouse and McDonald’s. Do people’s stomach’s get fed? Yes… but by two very different experiences.

There is a reason why people will buy a $29.99 purse at TJ MAXX, or spend $500+ for a Coach purse. Coach purse is a status symbol, and you will get a postcard from your purse when its at “coach camp” being cleaned. The TJMAXX bag, doesn’t go to camp.

There is always going to be a range of prices for every service and good. The reason why people choose what the do is becasue of their budget and precieved value.

As a pet sitter – you have to get back the mental block that you may not always be your customer. If you want the more prestigious business, that can be customizable, unique, and of a higher level than the rest, appealing to the higher class (who by the way experience less of a disruption than other classes when the economy strikes bad)…then you charge for (what Dan Kennedy refers to as) the exclusivity and experience of your product. The experience of Coach and Flemmings is going to be a lot different than TJMAXX and McDonald’s, as will the exclusive crowd that can afford it.

What does this mean to you?
Lets look at your business. How can you compete and be UNIQUE to any there service out there? What can you provide that is tangible that the kid next door can’t provide? Or the person looking to do the same thing at a fraction of the cost? Is your business truly different than the rest or did you create its operations, services and prices based on what others were doing?  Lets start looking inward instead of outward and make your business shine who YOU are. After all, you are unique so your business should be too!