How To Join A Google Hangout

I started to use Google Hangout more and more… so I thought I would give you all the resources to join a “hangout.”

What Is A Hangout?

A hangout is a broadcast. It is when a bunch of people get together (up to 50+) and can video chat. ….OR…we can make the settings so that it is just he and I and a guest.

All hangouts that are broadcasted, are instantly posted on Youtube.
The page it ends up on just depends if it was Bella or Josh who started it. We will usually post link after we are done.

Personally, Josh and I love this method because you can see and hear us and we can see and hear you!

In order to join a Google+ hangout you need a google+ account. It is free and takes 60 seconds to set up.
It is like in order to chat on FB, you need a FB account. If you already have a gmail email, then you already have a google + Just sign into your gmail and it will say your name at the top left corner w a plus in front of it. That is your page.

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 7.10.07 AM

Here is how you join a hangout:

Sign into your google account
Tap the post of the person who is hanging out (so from Josh or I’s page)

It is that easy! 🙂

What devices support Google Hangout?

They all do. Just download the one of the apps shown at this link:
We hope to “See” you on our next hangout!

Important to know:

In order to be on Google Hangout, you do not have to be on camera. But let’s face it, if you are NOT on camera, it is no different than our facebook groups! 🙂 So we encourage you to get that camera out. After all I threw on some make up and fluffed my hair for YOU! 🙂


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