How To Make COVID-19 Stop Messing With Your Head

How To Make COVID-19 Stop Messing With Your Head

Pandemic Stress Disorder Is Very Real

How are you really doing right now with pandemic stress?

I mean really?

I can’t imagine you are having the best time of your life right now, or are you?  See, I have been talking to countless business owners around the world the past three weeks and I’ve realized a few things. A few things that if you allow me a few minutes of your time, I will go into great detail telling you about it.

I also want to be clear.

I don’t care if Google doesn’t understand the keywords in this post. This is just from me to you and I am not trying to rank for anything, including your praise.

I am here talking to YOU, yes you with no holds barred.

So back to you…

mental health during covid-19

How Are You, Really?

Are you fighting sobriety? Depression? Loneliness? Anger? Worry? The fear of passing a child back and forth in this climate? This pandemic is going to get all emotions heightened and stress at an all-time high. It is easy to become swallowed up by it and just let it knock you down and leave you there.

I mean, why not? Everyone else is taking a time out, right?

Tomorrow, you will do it. Right?


I can’t stress how important it is, right now, for you to be more on your A-game than ever before. This is an opportunity and only the strong will get to take advantage and be the ones surviving long term.

In order to rev up for this type of fight, there are many things that we need to get control over first. These “things” add up and are some of what I consider to be the deciding factors in so many successful entrepreneurs.


Get a Routine For Pandemic Stress relief

I won’t tell you what routine, what time, or how long, but you need a routine.

Your body needs to find a rhythm.

It will help your body clock know when it is time to sleep, work, eat, play, etc.

A routine will give you purpose and direction. You are doing things with the intention of not just being reactive to the day or even life.

Start small with a routine and work your way up and adding on. When we are going through such a change in our regular business life, it is important to find a routine. Something that you can rely on each day even when it seems like everything is going to the wayside. A routine can even be built off one you might have already had and you can keep it after we get through all of this. It also might change frequently until you get it right.


Start To Clean and Organize To Improve Your Mental Health During COVID-19

Technically, it is still March and I am sure there is some spring cleaning to be had! Doing this will make you feel lighter and less cluttered. A perfect way to dispel the effects of Covid-19 on your mental health. You also will feel like you accomplished something. Here are some cleaning and organization ideas to combat pandemic stress:

  • Take a look at your clothes. Anything you haven’t worn in the past 12 months, donate! You will feel good.
  • Kid’s toys just seem to build up or have broken parts laying around. Go through all their toy boxes separating all the things they have too many of or just don’t play with. I am sure there is a nonprofit that would love these used toys.
  • How does your basement, garage, and/or attic look? These are super areas to just put on some music or your fav podcast and just go to town. Get all messy and sweaty going through it all and organizing and tossing what you don’t need. Heck, the way the world is currently going, you might even take out your Christmas lights and put them up too?
  • What does your pantry look like? How much stuff has been sitting there and expired? Or maybe you bought too much of something or didn’t like it? Consider tossing or donating and thinning through your cabinets. No need to keep that huge bowl if you haven’t actually used it for three years. Am I right?
  • How about scanning in docs that you might still have in file cabinets or even old pictures? Hold onto the originals, but ever think about creating digital copies of all the old family pictures? You can even share them with other family members!
  • Although, of course, you just also can say “Bless This Mess” and leave it too…


For Pandemic Stress Relief, Get Wicked Smart!

As my Bostonian roots would say. 🙂 Do you realize that many of us have loads of apps, software, and gadgets, but we don’t really know how to use them to their full potential? What if you could learn one of them inside and out?

Well, now is your chance!

Have at it!

I just did that with Streamyard. The software I was using I wasn’t too happy with and now when I go live on the Jump Consulting Facebook page I am going to be using Streamyard! I watched a bunch of Youtube videos to familiarize myself with it and boom – that is my new go-to!

What have you been wanting to learn? We have a resource list that lists out places that are giving away free classes. 

Give Yourself Permission

There are so many things that I know your guilt from the endless to-do list has prevented you from doing. Well, guess what? That to-do list is on hold right now! Seriously. Here are some ideas:

  • Go on a walk with your OWN dog and listen to your fav podcast, music, book on audio, or maybe just the birds!
  • Netflix and chill… guilt-free.
  • Mess up a recipe. I say mess up because it is ok if you don’t have all the ingredients or it isn’t exactly like what the picture looks like 🙂
  • Journal with an actual pen and paper. There is something that happens in our brain when we do pen to paper and are not typing. There are no rules just pretend we are in Ms. Manoogian’s 5th-grade class together. Write for 10 minutes straight. Anything that comes to mind. Even if it is “I don’t know what to write.” Once your brain realizes it is allowed to be free, you might be surprised with what comes out!

There are so many things we can do if we just take the constraints of time off our life and just be.

I have decided to use this time to make time for me. Sometimes the world works in strange ways. This time I feel it is telling us to SLOOOOW down. Spend more time with your families, read a book, take a walk, call and catch up with the friends and family you have not spoke with. Life is short and we all need to remember to keep our loved ones close as we will never get this time back
– Maureen Dunn McCarthy, Love and Kisses Pet Sitting

Maureen, I couldn’t have said it better myself! Some of you might be at this stage already, and some might still be hustling. Wherever you are in your journey right now, it is okay. I feel like Maureen has accepted what it is in her area and is making the conscious choice to control what she can.

I applaud that.

Secret tp pandemic stress relief

Ask For What You Need

This is also a time where somewhere we can start asking for what we need. We can take this time to be still and think about what is missing from our business or life and take advantage. This time can be looked as an opportunity. An opportunity to humble ourselves and ask for help, join a Mom’s group, work on our nutrition, join a business group, start working out. What is it that you need? Feel free to ask me and I will try to connect you in the right direction.

For some, this might be an opportunity to take time off. For others, it might be an opportunity to get ahead or finally accomplish some goals that you have been working hard to achieve. The Mastermind is super for this as we are soon to start a 14 Day Challenge where there is something new (and little) to focus on each day.


People are Watching You

What are you going to do at this time? In this unprecedented time that we will never get back? Jessika Phillips of NOW Marketing Group says there are going to be takers, fakers, and makers. There are going to be people who just try to take advantage of situations in a ruthless way, there will be people standing up as “experts” with no track record or history of results, and then there will be the makers taking this crappy situation and making rainbows out of it. They will help make something in their community, the hearts and minds of those around them.

You have an option right now. Pick all the options you need. you don’t have to pick one. In fact, you can be all of them if you want. But be conscious of it Jumpers… don’t let this time pass you by and allow things like Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and all the other hyped-up news media kill your soul.

Take an active part in this time that you will never get back. Decide how you want to be as a leader because guess what? We are all leaders. Over ourselves, our relationships, our business, and our community. How we want to lead is all up to us.