How To Respond To A Negative Review Online.

How To Respond To A Negative Review Online.

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Some pretty awesome things happen inside my private coaching group on Facebook. We learn a lot from others. One day, Garey posted this note about a challenge he had with a online review of his company. The complainer was saying they didn’t like the company and it all came down to Garey, and his wife Erica’s policy at Whoa Doggy  This person have them their first two star review.

Now I know that we have all heard about the sandwich shop that put son their chalk board “Come experience the WORST burger this Yelp review has ever had….” They make fun of the review.

yelp review negative sidewalk

Then there are those businesses that fight back and are argumentative.

…and then there is Erica and Garey. Who not only reply, but they seem to have RECEIVED MORE CLIENTS because of how they handled the matter.

For that, I just had to get them on camera to help show the world how you too can be as amazing as this dynamic duo are.

In this short video clip you will hear Erica’s thoughts on:

  • What is the first thing you should do when you receive a negative review?
  • What are some things to consider when responding to a negative review?
  • What are some things to consider when responding to a negative review?
  • How important is timing when responding to a review?
  • What if the review is legitimately about a negative situation that happened, for example, where an employee was genuinely in the wrong?
  • Is there a formula that people can use to help make writing responses to negative reviews easier?
  • What can people do after the response is sent?

See the blog that Erica and Gary wrote here    See the review they were given and their response here

So now I want to hear from YOU:

Tell me about a negative review you have gotten and how you have handled it. If you have never gotten one, just keep this blog close by. It isn’t a question of IF it is WHEN. You can be the most perfect business out there and some yahoo can still write anything they want about you and your company. EVEN if they have never used you!

You can’t change that it happened, but you can change your response….and this is so true to life!