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How To Have A Howling Pet Event In Your Community – PPS Speaking Series

In June 2014 I had the honor of speaking to the Power Pet Sitter Community. I talked for an solid hour about How to Have A Howling Pet Event In Your Community  It was  faun time jam packed with tons of ideas and real life examples so you can start dreaming of the type of event that you want to have.

I discussed and gave ideas on things as small as cheering stations for local races all the way to huge pet fashion shows on real life fashion run ways. At the end, I even gave out a three page resource guide to all viewers. (download below)

If you want even more, in an audio form that you can take with you you can see the actual course that this is based off of here

I was going to keep this password protected, but I figured that it would be better being given to the entire world, so here you go! I really hope you enjoy it and welcome your comments below. In fact, I would LOVE to hear your feedback!

Take a look at the presentation I give, slides, pictures, and videos and I hope that you are inspired, motivated, and challenged!



Resources download


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