If the Bumble Bee Can Do It, You Can Too!

So I am sitting in church this morning and Pastor Travis starts talking about the Bumble Bee. Did you know this silly little creature anatomically isn’t meant to fly? In other words its body is so darn big that it’s itty bitty wings isn’t supposed to be able to lift its body!

But it does!

Hmm, got me thinking.

So many times I hear business owners thinking THEY can’t do things. They can’t do the impossible. They are right. They can’t. Although if you have certain things in your life, you can do anything. Just like the Bumble Bee!

Three things you need to fly and sting like a Bee!

(1.) FAITH:  You need to believe in SOMETHING. I think we have all acknowledged that you can’t do it on your own. If you put the weight of the world on your shoulders, be sure to have a good chiropractor. If you have faith in God, then let Him direct and guide your ways.

Works without faith are dead!

(2.) HELP: You can’t start of expand your business on your own. Knowing how and when to ask for help is going to be critical. You will not always have the right answers or tools to help you overcome or conqueror the road blocks that will come your way. Humble yourself and know when you need help.

(3.) PEOPLE: Birds of a feather, flock together. Ever heard that saying? It is true!  You need to take an active role in surrounding yourself with people you want to be like. People that lift you up, give you sound advice, someone you can rely on.  What do your 5 closest friends say about you? [2 Corinthians 6:14 ]

If a Bumble Bee can do it, you can too. You just need to take control, believe, have faith, ask for help, and surround yourself with people who believe you can and want to be like.

Tell me below… what are some things that you are struggling with accomplishing right now. Why do you feel like it is so impossible? I want to know!

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  1. Pam
    Pam says:

    First..My website went down! The company that was hosting it went out of business. I didn’t realize it until one day it wasn’t there. No warning at all!

    I was considering going through Petsittingology, Any thoughts?

    How so I ask for help in expanding my business, when do I ask?
    How do I pay the new person? A percentage of the visit? I don’t want to bog you down w/ so many questions. Maybe this would be a good start for me.
    I have to get my website back!!

    • Bella Vasta
      Bella Vasta says:

      Hi Pam!

      That is horrible! Check out SiteGround. Did you see my blog about it here? http://jumpconsulting.net/2015/04/20/website-hosting/

      I think you should get a designer, have them create a responsive and mobile friendly website and then learn how to change the text as you need. I don’t believe in paying someone for your website monthly unless it is hosting. I also don’t believe in creating it yourself unless you have some sort of design background. What I would suggest is getting at least one page up on your url that doesn’t have a site on it anymore so at least something is up. You don’t want your url being down long. It can hurt you.

      To pay a new person? You should join the tele seminar on May 6th: Pricing Structure and Strategy. I can answer your questions at the end if I don’t answer them throughout the seminar. Personally, I pay by the job. Here is more info on that: http://jumpconsulting.net/2015/04/24/pricing-stratedgy/

      Thank you for your comments.

      YEs! You need your website BACK like yesterday!


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