Learning Means Nothing Without Execution.

Learning Means Nothing Without Execution.


We learn more from 5 minutes of doing rather than 10 years of studying.

Logic tells us that:

1) You learn something.
2) You practice it.
3) You master it.
4) You more onto the next task to conquer.

So why do so many of us get caught up on Step 1 and don’t ever follow through the rest of the steps? We are all guilty of it at one point or another but I see it a lot when I am coaching clients.

I can teach them all that I know – but unless they practice it in their own business, they never master it, and never move onto the next obstacle. They stay paralyzed in fear.

In business we need to listen, practice it, and then just do it!  If you don’t implement it and put it in your life, we are never going to win the game, the test, or grow our business. We need to use what we learn everyday. All the hours reading, listening, and spending money on learning from those who we choose to follow are wasted if we never do anything with it again.

Are you DOING it?  Who cares if you are talking or thinking about it. Are you DOING it?


Here are my ways I DO IT in no particular order:

  1. I tell people in my life to hold me accountable. This means they are constantly asking me for updates on a regular basis.
  2. I tell the world. I put it out on my personal Facebook, tell groups that I am in, tell my social circles.
  3. I post it on my refrigerator so I see it everyday.
  4. Start taking the first step forward even if it feels weird. I start getting the motion going forward.

This weekend I was inspired to JUST DO IT and write this blog to you. Pastor Will from Impact Church really got me thinking and I wanted to share it. Writing this today is me DOING it 🙂

  • Listening, Studying, and knowing will NEVER be a substitute for DOING.
  • Committing to the daily truth is necessary for future acts of damage.
  • Now that you know these things, you will be favored if you do them (John 13:17)

It makes sense, right? I mean how many times in life have we learned something and never done anything about it?
Faith without works is dead!

You gotta learn, believe, do…

Just. Do. It.

So…what is one thing that you have been listening, reading, learning “to do” that you haven’t done yet? Comment below and I will hold you accountable and help you through it!