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Increasing your pet sitting prices

Have you been thinking about increasing your pet sitting prices this year? Or have you recently increased your dog walking prices, and now you’re thinking it may not be enough…

Charging the wrong amount can be the difference between a thriving business and going out of business. Ouch

There is so much to consider before increasing your prices, so that you don’t find yourself sinking six months later.

Today, I am going to tell you everything you need to know, before increasing your pet sitting prices.

Biggest Takeaways

Before increasing your pet sitting prices, it is important to have a sound pricing structure and strategy in place. This is your time to rectify any mistakes you might have made with your old pricing structure, and apply new found knowledge to your future prices.  Creating a pricing strategy that works best for your business requires consideration and time.

  • What should you be researching?
  • Have you thought about your competition? Should you?
  • Is the value you provide worth the increase?
  • What about staff wages?

Considering important aspects and knowing how to navigate them is some of the first steps in creating a sound pricing structure for your pet sitting business.


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