[Interview] What are Veterinarians Looking For From Pet Sitters?

[Interview] What are Veterinarians Looking For From Pet Sitters?

pet sitting veterinarian Often times, pet sitters go into vet offices, drop off cards and leave. Sometimes they are in the exam room with their own pets and tell the vet that they have sent clients to them, or mention that they have a pet sitting company, and just expect the vet to refer their services because they mentioned it.

But this doesn’t always work.

And pet sitters don’t quite understand how to make the connection so that they are the preferred company that their pet refers. In order to really outline why taking a course like “How To Ensure You Get Endless Referrals from Veterinarians” can help all pert sitters, first we need to find out WHAT the vets are looking for…

I recently reached out to the local vet that I work closely with to see what veterinarians look for when working with pet sitters. I asked him the following:
When pet sitters come into the office we don’t know personally we….(with the cards)

The reason why we were open to working with you was because….(our reputation? networking group? we asked to get personal with your company?)

My advice to any pet sitter trying to gain referrals from a veterinarian would be…. (????)


Here is how Dr. Josh Sosnow from North Scottsdale Animal Hospital replied (via his office manager):

First thing is that the pet sitter has to display a serious commitment to doing the job as a professional and not as a hobby. To me that means they demonstrate knowledge of pet behaviors, and have a structured plan for assessing the clients requirements, arranging visits, and responding to any concerns. They should also have an emergency preparedness plan when the owners are unavailable. Sort of a predetermined set of steps they follow.

For a new pet sitter approaching me I would want them to make an effort to meet one on one with me, present themselves in a professional manner, and they have to be as interested in us and what we do as we should be in learning about them.  Not treating the job seriously, when I refer someone is an indirect reflection on me, so I need to be sure that who I recommend I would trust with my own pets.
Bella- this is what you do and in the end Josh felt confident that you demonstrated all of the right things and that our clients’ pets would be safe and well taken care of by you and your staff!

Do you notice how he mentioned making an effort to meeting with him one on one? Notice how many times he mentioned the word professional. Never did he say he wants pet sitters to drop off cards, leave home made cookies, or pester his receptionist. 🙂


So how do you overcome your fear of rejection and put together a presentation that will result in a long lasting relationship?

Let JUMP Consulting show you how to put together a presentation that will impress the veterinarian or office manager, get you in good with the staff, and create a long lasting relationship together. Check out our “How To Ensure You Get Endless Referrals from Veterinarians” class today! We will show you what tool you NEED to take in there with you. How to not only build a relationship with the vet or office manager, but entire staff and even give you ideas on how you can BUILD on the relationship once it is established!


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