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Is Pet Sitting Business Coaching Right For Me?

Working with a pet sitting business coach is a tough find sometimes because different coaches have different approaches and we all have different learning styles. That’s why I offer a 20 minute complimentary “Getting to know you” call for all pet sitting coaching clients. This helps us both determine if it is going to be a right fit for the both of us.

In the pet sitting industry, pet sitters have the options of going to Josh from Petsittingology, Kristen from Six Figure Pet Sitting Academy, and myself. All three of us are drastically different with an emphasis on different areas. Our delivery varies greatly, and the way you will receive it will vary too.


Who is Pet Sitting Coaching NOT Good For?

Every coach isn’t for everyone. And that is okay! I might not even be the right one for you. In my experience, the people my coaching hasn’t worked well on are those who:

  1. Have not kept up on their homework – There are very important tasks that I give my clients after each session. Each session builds on the last. So it is important that homework is done. When it is not, the next sessions loose their impact.
  2. Are not mentally ready – Those who try to fight me every step of the way usually do not see results. There has to be an amount of trust given to me, that I actually do know what I am teaching. The ones with mental road blocks of refusing change show that they are not mentally ready and it has negative impacts on the sessions.
  3. Do not listen – Often times people have other coaches, partners, or decision makers in their ring and the coaching they receive from me is then challenged by the others so the client ends us being paralyzed in confusion. We talk for an hour and then over the course of the next week, they choose to listen to other sources as well which just confuses the whole situation.

What Types of People Have the Most Results With Coaching?

Have an open mind – Although it might feel weird or not make complete sense, taking the journey with me mentally can really show business owners some new levels they didn’t know they could go to.

Clients who trust – see amazing results! I will let this testimony speak for itself. This is just one subject and one example:

“I am so glad that I took Bella’s advice and raised my rates! When Bella first suggested raising my prices, I was apprehensive. I worried: What if I lost clients? What if no one wanted to book my services at the new rates? During our Jump Consulting sessions, Bella showed me how a rate increase was necessary for my business, especially if I needed to hire employees.  I was astonished to find that my clients had no objection to the new prices! In fact, many responded that my services were worth every penny or that they were happy to pay more for great service! The higher rates have helped tremendously with the bottom line profit!”

Clients who want different results. We all know that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Coaching forces you to put aside everything you know and change up what you are doing. Clearly, there are things that are not working, or there are road blocks which are why we are working together. Those who trust the process will see results.

Clients who do their homework. I can talk until I am blue in the face but when a client actually starts to take the steps they need, they take the action, only THEN does the magic happen. A basketball player can’t just listen to the coaching, they need to JUMP in the game and shoot the ball. Even if they miss the hoop, at least they are still shooting the ball.

Why would someone want to hire me?pet sitting business coaching

I became a coach because I want to help others. I have been told that I have the gift of motivation and confidence. It has been passed along to countless pet sitters who have seen results such as increasing revenue by 20% in one year by adding one service, gaining more time to the things important in their life, establish partnerships that last, build brands that people trust, and a lot more. I get giddy and excited each time I see one of my clients achieve their dreams or have the ability to steer their business.

That is my life goal. To inspire, motivate, and challenge those around me. I don’t believe that I know it all or have the answers to everything. But I do have a track record that speaks for itself with pet sitting business that I have coached from the rural areas to the city, from the east coast, to the west coast.

Working with me works and it is achieved in a very direct way. I always tell people that I ran out of sugar (to sugar coat things) a long time ago. By cutting to the heart of the matter, clients do see results.  Want to see what others have said? Take a look here!

Now it is your turn!

Tell me if you have every worked with a business coach or take lessons or workshops. What do you think makes a good or bad student? Did you put everything into action that you learned? Why or why not?

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  1. Tanya
    Tanya says:

    I completely agree Danielle!! One of these days I will be ready for a coaching session. Not that I don’t pass the test, but not quite ready yet, have a few other tasks on my to-do list that I need to finish first!

    P.S. my website is not up yet, but I needed to enter a url to submit.

    Thank you for all the valuable info Danielle- much appreciated :))


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