Phone Script: I’ve Made The Money Back And Then Some!

Having a great phone script is something that every pet sitting business needs to know how to perform.

Without having a script that sells, your business could be dead in the water. From that initial “Hello” to the excellent pet care you provide, they are equally important in the growth of your business.

This is from Jenna with Playtime Pet Care after a session talking about the phone script and consultations:

So, I’ve been practicing the initial phone consultation and have landed the last 5 calls I got (and have left with keys and a check at each consultation)!  The calls are going so much smoother and I’m able to get contact information so I can follow up whether they move forward with services or not.  I’m putting your instruction to action and am getting nothing but  positive in return.  I’ve made the valuable $$ I spent for your consulting services back and then some…in only two short weeks!

Thank you for spending quality time with me.”

The Jump Consulting Script Works!

If you have been having trouble getting people to open up on the phone. If all it seems like they want to know is “How much do you charge?” If you are floundering on the phone feeling like all you are doing is talking to them and not with them, the phone script is for you.

Most pet sitters are wildly excited about their company that it overpowers the conversation and we never really get to know exactly what is making the clients that call us “tick.” Using these methods, you can get to the bottom of it and sell your wat through anything!

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