4 January Pet Sitting Blog Or Video Ideas

4 January Pet Sitting Blog Or Video Ideas

Happy New Year! The holidays are come and gone and it is time to get back on the wagon to kick off another successful Q1. It can be hard getting out of the holiday funk and online marketing may be the least of your worries… which is what inspired this post! Read on for some simple, yet effective, topics you can use for your January pet sitting blog or video ideas this month.

4 January Pet Sitting Blog Or Video Ideas

1. Holidays – New Year’s Day & MLK Day

New Year’s Day is one of those gold-mine holidays you can use to really start off this month’s marketing with a BANG. New Year’s Resolutions are a great source of content – either from a pet or to a pet. You can also talk about ways to spend New Year’s Day with your pets and even include relevant events in town. Consider going a similar route for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The topics are plentiful if you take just a few minutes to brainstorm.

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2. It’s Still Cold & Snowy

If you haven’t already written about the cold, snowy, and freezing weather in November/December, now’s your chance! Many companies like to focus on the holidays during those months, so January is prime real estate to give your clients some helpful weather tips for their pets. Here are some ideas…

  • Is it safe to walk my dog when it’s cold/snowy/hailing?
  • Can my dog freeze?
  • 7 safety tips for dogs during winter

A good exercise is to think about if you’ve ever had a question on how to care your dog during a certain situation. If you’ve thought of it, chances are somebody else has… and then they Googled it! Answer relevant and interesting questions to drive traffic to your website. You want to not only provide a service, but also be a resource.


3. Winter Games & Activities

If you live somewhere that’s very cold, most of your clients are likely not taking their dog outside much during the Winter. It’s the perfect time to talk about indoor games and activities to keep pets active and engaged.

Try searching the Internet for games that dogs and their owners can play inside, such as indoor fetch or chase. Compile a list!

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4. Pet Educational Themes Of The Month

There are quite a few interesting topics you can talk about for October. Consider exploring one, two, or all of them if you prefer!

  • Walk Your Pet Month: Talk about the benefits of walking your dog, how often you should walk your dog per week & how long, the best leashes/harnesses. Lots of options here… and don’t forget to mention your OWN dog walking services at the bottom as a call to action 😉
  • National Train Your Dog Month: You can write or discuss how to know if you need a trainer and/or how to choose a trainer. If you have relationships with dog trainers in town, you can compile a resource list. OR if you offer dog training, be sure to mention it!
  • Adopt-A-Rescued Bird Month: This one is a little more obscure, but can still be relevant if you service (or want to service) exotic pets. Consider writing about the benefits of adopting a rescued bird, things to know before adopting a bird, etc.

I hope these January pet sitting blog or video ideas are helpful to you and are able to give you some inspiration. If you are a pet sitting business that DOESN’T have a blog – it’s never too late to start.

If you choose to write about any of these topics – be sure to post a link to your blog in the comments section so I can read it. I want to see where your creative minds take these ideas!