Melissa Vogt

With the help of Jump Consulting, I gained more confidence, more strength, and I am excited about my business again. I no longer feel alone in my field without anyone to consult with. Pet Sitting can be a very lonely business to be in in terms of having no one in your field, or community, to connect and network with. I live in a college town of about 150,000 people, so finding other Pet Sitting business is nearly impossible. I was overwhelmed, exhausted, desperate and needed help. I was seriously considering changing occupations, even after all of my hard work, having wonderful Clients who need my services, and devoting my entire life for the past 3 years to my business. Then I found Jump Consulting and the terrific and invaluable Bella! Now I am on my way to creating the business I have always wanted and finding the time to take care of myself, and make my business a great business to work for. I credit all of it to Jump Consulting. I am making the JUMP and have the courage to do it now!

Melissa Vogt Four Seasons Pet Services, LLC