Michele Sarver

I have to share…Bella, you’ve given all of us invaluable guidance and support. Whether I did it perfectly or not, I just did it. For me in particular, I needed to raise my rates and bring staff on board. Since implementing your program I have finally quit stressing over whether I charge too much and whether I am paying staff enough. Nervously, I took your advice and took my prices off my website and added, “Starting at $$” and used your killer phone script. I have since booked 4 new clients, one which initially said he was looking at different options. At the end of our call I told him we could book a meeting now or he could continue his search and his reply was “No, let’s book now.” Not one person has balked at my new price! It’s also been a long stressful 5 months trying to find good staff. I’m so excited to share what I did. No disrespect to anyone but for me the ones in their 20’s haven’t worked out. So, I still say age 21 or older but I changed my job ad by one word, I added “mature” into the picture. I also placed an ad in my local community area private Facebook board saying, “We are growing! If you or someone you know is looking for a job for extra income…blah, blah..please share and visit our website for more details.” My results…last week I hired a woman who is a dog trainer, yesterday I hired a man who use to run a kennel, I received 7 new applications just yesterday. That woman & man I hired and one new applicant just blew me away. They all said, “thank you so much for the opportunity!” Literally, I stopped in my tracks, that blew me away. Just like you said Bella, you want the ones that will work for free. I’m not a quitter but the stress was taking a toll on my health and I was ready to quit (which I haven’t shared before). I know I’ll have stress down the road but what I’ve gained from this program is the confidence and knowledge I can and will do this. Oh, BTW, this is May 3rd and already is the best revenue month ever, I’m now on track to reaching 6 figures in my 5th year. You’re the best Bella, thank you from the bottom of my heart! P.S. Don’t ask, yes, you have my permission to use as a testimonial if you’d like.

Michele SarverOwnerCamano Pet SittersCamano Island, Washington