I have been in business for 18 years. I have never had the time to write a training manual. This is an amazing time saver and it is more than thorough. I used my payroll company (without mentioning any names) and they wrote a training manual. It was more expensive and honestly, they don’t walk dogs so there is really no comparison to it and BELLA VASTA’s. This is manual is a MUST have for any company new or old. You can teach an old dog (me) new tricks.

Lori PowellOwnerAnimal MagnetismCalifornia

Just wanted to say a couple of things.
Things have been slow, had to get a part time job, and wouldn’t you know, business started picking up.
What I want to say is Thank you Bella.
I purchased how to sell overnites and it works.
Also, I raised my rates, based on you 30 30 40 rule. My clients didn’t bat an eyelash! One client even congratulated me!
I still have a long way to go, but so far, the advice has been priceless!
I love how you are all about tough love and no sugar coating. How else will I learn and grow?
That’s all for now. Just wanted to share that.

Doreen ThompsonOwnerD's Waggin TailsSouth Florida

After trying virtually every pet sitting business coach out there… I’ve found my girl!! Bella is AMAZING at what she does–her passion shines through and you just can’t help but feel excited and pumped up when you’re on the phone with her. I bought her phone script class and Employee Quick Start guide and I can’t tell you how valuable they have been to my business. 🙂 Keep it up, Bella!!!

Sarah El SherbiniOwnerPetsGo!Toronto, Canada

I have to share…Bella, you’ve given all of us invaluable guidance and support. Whether I did it perfectly or not, I just did it. For me in particular, I needed to raise my rates and bring staff on board. Since implementing your program I have finally quit stressing over whether I charge too much and whether I am paying staff enough. Nervously, I took your advice and took my prices off my website and added, “Starting at $$” and used your killer phone script. I have since booked 4 new clients, one which initially said he was looking at different options. At the end of our call I told him we could book a meeting now or he could continue his search and his reply was “No, let’s book now.” Not one person has balked at my new price! It’s also been a long stressful 5 months trying to find good staff. I’m so excited to share what I did. No disrespect to anyone but for me the ones in their 20’s haven’t worked out. So, I still say age 21 or older but I changed my job ad by one word, I added “mature” into the picture. I also placed an ad in my local community area private Facebook board saying, “We are growing! If you or someone you know is looking for a job for extra income…blah, blah..please share and visit our website for more details.” My results…last week I hired a woman who is a dog trainer, yesterday I hired a man who use to run a kennel, I received 7 new applications just yesterday. That woman & man I hired and one new applicant just blew me away. They all said, “thank you so much for the opportunity!” Literally, I stopped in my tracks, that blew me away. Just like you said Bella, you want the ones that will work for free. I’m not a quitter but the stress was taking a toll on my health and I was ready to quit (which I haven’t shared before). I know I’ll have stress down the road but what I’ve gained from this program is the confidence and knowledge I can and will do this. Oh, BTW, this is May 3rd and already is the best revenue month ever, I’m now on track to reaching 6 figures in my 5th year. You’re the best Bella, thank you from the bottom of my heart! P.S. Don’t ask, yes, you have my permission to use as a testimonial if you’d like.

Michele SarverOwnerCamano Pet SittersCamano Island, Washington

Want to share this…because phone presence counts.

A client lead – who is new to Asheville – called and we had a great conversation about her pets and pet resources in our area.

She wanted overnight services, which I do not provide. So, I referred her to several overnighters that I know…good ones.

She called me today, and explained she thought her dogs would be OK without overnight service and really liked ME over the other sitters. Cool!

All because we had a good connection on the phone, and service started from the moment the phone was answered.

I’ve taken Bella’s phone script class and learned a little from it. It paid off today. If you haven’t taken the class, do.

Maripage GrubicPhone Script Works!Around Town Hound, LLCArden North Carolina

Bella has been my coach and mentor for SEVEN YEARS. She’s helped me through some of the toughest times – personally and in a business sense – of my life. If you listen to her and follow her guidance she will launch you professionally to places you never thought possible. She’s more than a coach to me…she’s family!

Beth BusterPack LeaderPaws Pet CareLouisville, Kentucky

I am grateful to have you as a coach and someone who I can reach out to- you gave me clarity and mostly made me realise that it is okay to just give myself the permission to do what I have to do in my business- This is valuable to me. Thank you!

Jody RudyOwnerDog Walker ExtraordinaireSanta Monica, CA

I have to say I am SOOOOO happy I bought this! I still has to go through and customize it for my business and that some is taking quite some time (it would have helped that I listened to the audio first!!!) by every time I look at it again I think, “Wow! I would have NEVER done it like this!” It is by far the best investment I have put into my business. I am soooo glad I have this!!!

Carrie Wallick

I’m getting ready for a batch of interviews this evening. I’ve got my drink with a straw ready to go! I haven’t felt this prepared and confident going into an interview before and I know a great deal of that is thanks to you!!!

Lauren HeathEmployee Quick Start ProgramPresidential Pet CareAlexandria, VA

The Employee Quick Start program, along with personal coaching from Bella, gave me valuable information to help to take my company from solo to multiple employees. More importantly, it gave me the confidence I needed to reach my goals. I felt (and continue to feel) supported as I grow my company. Half a year later I still refer back to the materials because they are so helpful!

JamieOwnerContented Creatures LLCMadison, WI