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How To Be Effective and Timely During The Consultation

Consultations can be a daunting task.

If you are reading this, you are either trying to figure out one of two things:

How to get them so they aren’t so long and not like an interview.

How to learn how to get your staff to do them so you don’t have to be running to multiple consults a week.In this guide I will tell you everything I know so you can learn or teach your staff to:

  • Alleviate your client’s fear if they can “trust” you.
  • Command the attention of your client so you are running the show.
  • Show you the 4 major steps to a consultation.
  • I will give you rebuttals to objections that you or your staff might face during the consultation.

I wrote this guide based on the overwhelming requests I got from pet sitters wanting to learn how be more efficient and learn how to transition this task onto their staff. I come from the thought process that a consultation isn’t:

  • A chance for the client to interview you or your company
  • A time when they discover a new best friend where they keep you there for an hour telling you about their dead pets, ex husband/wife, or life story. This actually establishes a relationship that is unprofessional and where they will become a client that you roll your eyes when they call!
  • For the company to get all the details about the pets. Your systems should have already collected this info. Consultations are to put a face to the company and build a relationship and trust!

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