Stand Out In A Noisy World By Knowing Who You (and your brand) Are.

Stand Out In A Noisy World By Knowing Who You (and your brand) Are.

When you’re online, knowing your brand is a lot like when a kid grows up and develops into their own. There are those cool kids in one corner doing it all that one way (and being worshiped for it). Then, in the other corner, there are the band kids that are just beating to the beat of their own drum. You have the jobs, the drama kids and the “geeks”. Everyone is trying to fit in and be noticed in the crazy game of life and it’s no different on social media.

In life, some people lurk while others shout loud and make a statement. Some are so loud that we might even mute or unfollow them on Social Media (you know who I’m talking about!) But, this one thing is always for certain:

According to Facebook, there are more than one billion people that are active on Facebook and more than 100 million people use Instagram every month.

There is no denying that social media is WHERE your message will be seen.

We live in a society where everyone is attached to their phones – people take them everywhere! They don’t leave their driveway or go to the bathroom without it.

Yes, I just went there. 🙂

But, honestly – if everyone and their brother is on these platforms, how do YOU stand out? How do you get YOUR brand to stand out in such a noisy news feed?

The Queenies Got Together To Answer This:

My friends and I all got together to talk about this (for the second time) in Denver, Colorado.

Amanda Robinson from The Digital Gal • Bella Vasta from JUMP Consulting and Pet Business Coaching • Jenn Herman from Jenn’s Trends in Social Media • Jessika Phillips from NOW Marketing Group • Julie Riley & Jen Cole from Depict Media • Jennifer Watson from Weather Moms • Kelly Noble Mirabella from Stellar Media Marketing

We are all vastly different but at the very root of it all, we all sort of do the same thing. We help people be good at business online. But, we all do it differently, with focuses on different things, and with very different personalities – which create our individual brands.

One of the first things that our viewers brought up was, “But how do I know what makes me unique?”  It was a great question that we have all struggled with at one point or another. I really do believe it is like that preteen growing into their own personality and trying to make their place in the world.

How Do You Know What Makes You Unique?

It is really that simple! Self-doubt is an enemy that we all deal with, and your friends will reflect back to you the good, bad, and ugly. Ask them, “what is so unique about me and my business?Ask for that outside support.

Embrace Who You Are And Own It.

Think I don’t know that I have a strong personality? That I don’t know it turns some people off, while magnetically appealing to those who I resonate with?

When we are trying to stand out in the noisy social media world, sometimes we want to please everyone. Sometimes, we wonder if we should tone it down or amp it up to be someone that at our core we really are not.

Let me tell you my friends – if you do that, you will be doing this world a disservice. As I say in this video, anyone that really knows me knows that as passionate as I am about steering people in the right direction and holding people accountable, I will also cry with my clients, celebrate with my clients, and spend extra hours off the clock trying to help them find solutions.

Some see abrasiveness… I choose to see passion.

How Do We Stop Comparing Ourselves to Everyone Else?

So with all this soul searching, we end up looking outwardly to look at others for inspiration. But sometimes that gets dangerous. Sometimes, people start comparing themselves to others and that is NOT the right thing to do!

Don’t compare your first chapter to someone’s 10th chapter! 

Comparison is the death of creativity.

Do not try to measure up against anyone else.

You are not them.

You don’t have their hopes, dreams, challenges, talents, living situation . . .

It is a fine line between being inspired by someone and flat out comparing yourself to them.

What happens when people are comparing themselves to someone or something else? They will always fail.

They are chasing something that doesn’t exist and setting themselves up for failure.

This is why knowing what makes you unique is so important.

So Who Should We Compare Ourselves To?

If we aren’t supposed to compare ourselves to others, then how can we gauge if what we do is “good enough”  or if we are on track for success?

Well, that’s simple:


So there you have it, my three big points during our live stream:

1. Ask your friends what makes you unique.

2. Embrace who you are.

3. Compare yourself only to yourself.

There have been over 33K views on the live stream at the time I am typing this blog.

It really is a great motivation and packed with so many ideas on how you can #findyourtiara aka stand out in a noisy social media world.

Watch it in full below.

A full recap of the entire conversation can be found here 
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Comment below and tell me what makes you or your brand stand out.
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