Episode 23: How Do I Know If It Is Legal To Board Dogs In My Home?


According to Kristy, she is the only properly zoned boarding facility in Philadelphia that is operating out of a private home.

And it didn’t come easy.

In this episode of “Bella In Your Business,” Bella speaks with Kristie Glazer from Philly Pet Care,a family-owned pet sitting and dog walking company in Philadelphia. 

In an unprecedented interview, you learn what it is like when the Zoning Board is knocking on your door telling you to stop your business or they will fine you and board up your home.

You will also learn how you can take the proper steps in being able to operate your dog boarding business legally in your own home.

Kristie talks about the struggles she went through with the boarding aspect of her business and the complicated steps it took to move it from being shut down by the city, to now being the only zoned boarding facility in Philadelphia that is operating out of a private home.



zoned boarding facility dog boarding

There is great strength and success in this podcast if you are thinking about doing dog boarding in your home. Through a difficult struggle and long process, Kristie was able to get her city to back her business. Unfortunately, Kristie only represents about 1% of in home dog boarders I know about. Many, do not know their city ordinances or know what permit they need to operate legally. Some, choose to ignore and pretend they don’t know they need permits or proper zoning.

It is troublesome because some pet sitters use in home dog boarding as their livelihood. If your business is shut down, because you are operating illegally, your income stops. This could have a grave effect on their life. It is a topic to think seriously about and take into proper consideration.

2:00 – Kristie’s story
7:38 – What made Kristie decide to fight to keep her business
9:24 – How Kristie got her neighbors support
14:35 – What to do if you want to board dogs in your home
15:42 – Fines or penalties for illegal boarding?
16:36 – Where do people go to start boarding legally?
20:12 – Importance of having a strong team
21:40 – Final words of advice
You can find out more about Philly Pet Care and Kristie and her husband Dave athttp://www.MyPhillyPetCare.com.

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8 replies
  1. Walt G
    Walt G says:

    Great Podcast, very informative! Love to hear about success stories and the battle that was fought and won. Far too many sitters are operating illegally and all it takes is one “nasty-neighbor” to shut your doors. Everyone needs to perform due diligence with the local governments to be sure they comply and protect your business

  2. Kathy Maroney-Voerman Voerman
    Kathy Maroney-Voerman Voerman says:

    Great podcast, thanks for the info. I wonder if anyone else was able to get zoned correctly? I might have missed it but does Kristie get regular visits from the city and if so what are they looking at/for? Years in the restaurant business so I understand city visits from many departments just wondering if it is similar.
    Thanks Bella for putting this out there.

    • Bella Vasta
      Bella Vasta says:

      HI Kathy!
      Thanks for listening and for your feedback. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast or get the Sticher or Itunes app! 🙂
      Yes, I know another gal I just interviewed in Chula Vista, CA who also got approval. I am not sure if they have been visited again. I imagine there is some sort of inspection? -Bella

    • Kristie
      Kristie says:

      Hi, we do get inspected two times per year. Our local dog warden comes through with an inspection checklist and make sure everything is up-to-date includingrabies vaccine and records of the number of dogs we have kept in the year.


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