Rule #2: Who Cares About The Competition.

Rule #2: Who Cares About The Competition.

How many of us have started off our business trying to do what everyone else does first?

You know what I mean…. you figure out what your services are going to be, what you call them, how much they are, how they are structured – all by what already exists out there. Hmmm….. But if there are a bunch of companies out there all pretty much the same, then what really makes them different?

I have been around the block enough times with coaching clients to know that “because I really really care about my clients” or “We provide the highest quality of service” or “I do it because I love the work! In fact, it isn’t work”  Isn’t what being unique about. Almost everyone feels the same way and you need MORE.

If this was fashion, it would be creating your own style, and then getting on that run way and walking to the beat of your own drum!


Lets focus on looking inward! (Think about it and fill in that cloud)

EXAMPLE: Where does your pricing structure come from? It should come from what you need to make in a year with your business in order to survive. Then, taking into account the COGS, and expenses. Not arriving at a price because that is what everyone else is charging and you wanted to be a little more or less than “average.”

EXAMPLE: Where does your list of services come from? Did you create it yourself? Did you come up with your own names for the services or are they pretty generic and “typical” in your industry? How can you put your own spin on things?

By looking inward, you create a company that no one can copy. You make it genuine and trust me, it will shine though in your marketing and your website. Think about it this way – McDonald’s can’t just kick Ronald McDonald out and start using Wendy as their front line girl.  They can’t start calling their most popular burger the Whopper. Its the BigMac. Think about how this relates to your company…. Make it your own. Create your branding. Be unique. Find out who you are, and Be You!


You be you and I will be me, because that is the best we can ever be. – Bella