Make More Money In Your Pet Sitting Business: Land More Sales On The Phone!

How many times do you have people call you and say, “Hi! How much do you charge?” 

You tell them the answer.

They hang up.

You never hear from them again.

…Or maybe you go to the Meet and Greet and you think it went fine, but a week later you are left with wasted time and no assignment?

If you don’t know how to sell yourself on the phone or during a consultation, your business will suffer. It isn’t enough to just love the pets. You need to have more skills in order to be successful.


You aren’t landing all the deals on the phone. You think that it is because you “charge too much” and no one will pay. Nor do you have a fighting chance of continuing to sell them once that phone is hung up, unless you pick up the phone and call them again. You know that you could be making more money, reaching your goals, hitting the mark if you could just get every person who calls you to sign up.

Imagine if that were a reality?




Learn how to land more sales on the phone and in person by selling peace of mind, trust, and security.

How much do you think you can improve your bottom line by closing more prospects on the phone and in the Meet and Greets?

In these two (one hour) workshops 1:1 on the phone I will teach you how to:

  1. Sell value, not price.
  2. Build a relationship.
  3. Get a fighting chance to follow up after your conversation in a non intrusive, zero cost way.
  4. Anticipate needs and be a connector in your community by increasing the amount of referrals you get and give.
  5. Create the smooth transition from you answering phone and connecting with them to sending your staff going to meet them and having the same impression as on the phone with you. (A great one!)
  6. Leave them with a great impression of your company (not just you the owner, the only one they trust) on the phone and at the Meet and Greet.
  7. Walk away from the consultation with all expectations spelled out on both sides to avoid miss communication and the client trying to tell you how to run your business.
  8. Learn how to create the opportunity to have a fighting chance when they don’t buy the first time you ask them to.
  9. Learn how to come off so professional in the Meet and Greet that they are already giving you referrals before you get out the door!

Perfecting your first interactions with the potential client will pivotally change the direction of your business.

Phone Script class can be found here

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