March 2nd

March 2nd

Episode 85: What Should I Know Before Joining A Mastermind?

Masterminds are EVERYWHERE nowadays – but do you have all of the necessary information you need to determine if whether joining one is a good move for you and your business? On this weeks episode, Bella flips the script for a one-on-one episode packed with everything you need to know about joining a mastermind. Listen here

Have You Been Following My Amazing Adventure At Social Media Marketing World?

Social Media Marketing World = Disneyland for ALL things social media! I’m currently here in San Diego, learning, networking, and having a blast. Check out my story on Facebook to join in on all the fun!

Want To Join The Best Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Mastermind?

You don’t have to do business alone. You don’t have to feel so overwhelmed that you are absolutely paralyzed from moving forward in your business. In fact, if you are one of those people who hasn’t really made ANY progress because you are so overwhelmed, this mastermind is for you. Learn more here

Did You Know My Book Was Just Released?

pet sitting book

Feb 1st my book “The Four Types Of Dogs Every Business Needs” was released on Amazon. The feedback has been incredible as you can read the 42+ reviews. (thank you if you wrote one!) Get your copy on Kindle for only .99cents or the paperback for $5.99 If you would like a signed copy, I will send one out to you for the cost of the book plus shipping. I actually sent my first one to Canada yesterday!

Signed copy to USA

Signed copy to Canada or UK



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