March 9th

March 9th

Facebook Groups Vs. Mastermind Groups For Pet Businesses

Have you ever consciously thought about WHAT I am getting from all the Facebook groups that you are a member of? Do they just provide you a place to vent, or actually get ahead on your business? Are there people who follow up with your business goals? Hold you (or the people giving advice) accountable? Is there a focus of everyone working together for one goal? Most Facebook groups aren’t doing this… but there is one where businesses have CHANGED the past 60 days and you might (or might not) be a good fit… Read more about what I mean here: /facebook-group-mastermind-groups/

Episode 86: Facebook Live Confidence With Molly Mahoney

This episode is exploding with ideas, inspiration, and an honest conversation. Molly & I had so much fun taking it to the next level in this episode that you will not want to miss out on this one. If you have ever felt self-conscious going live, not sure what to say or who to talk to, or just plain scared… don’t miss this episode!

(not being dramatic… I really mean it!)

Listen here: /episode-86-facebook-live/

The One Thing That My Client Spent $100 On & Will Get Back $10,000

If you are wondering how you can invest your hard-earned money on a shoestring budget, and get the most back in return, then you HAVE to listen to this tip I gave one Better Marketing With Bella student. Just by taking my advice and trusting the process, she will get back $10k back THIS YEAR. Seriously… it’s the real deal.

Behind The Scenes Of My Life…

Ever wonder what actually happens in my life? Want to know what I am doing when I am not hosting the podcast, posting online, or writing blogs for you? I put it all out there on my Instagram stories (almost) daily and then it transfers to FB stories. I’ve always wanted to know who the person is that I allow into my eyes and ears, so that is why I do this. So you can get to know me, and hopefully, I can get to know you too!

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