1:1 Coaching

with me once every semester to ask me *anything* about your business. We can go through your marketing plan or build a new strategy for onboarding your new hires- it’s totally up to you.

And you don’t need to decide now, you can book this anytime within the 6 month semester.

8-10 Professional Graphics

monthly for Instagram and Facebook, already customized with your brand font, color and logo that show you’re prepared to invest in your brand in the same way you invest in quality care for your pets.

2 Cut & Paste Email Copy

You may not think you need email- but Rover is emailing your ideal clients weekly. Get your high class butt into their inbox twice a month with cut and paste email copy.

1 Facebook Cover

A cover image on Facebook that changes monthly is impressive. It makes you look like a million bucks because you’re actually current with what’s going on that month. Boom = credibility boost.

4 Professional Square Videos

People are voyeuristic! Indulge their obsession with monthly videos you can use on Facebook and Instagram. There are only so many dog butts you can film while you’re walking your dogs on a leash… you’ll be creating content people love and content you’ll want to re-use.

14 Professionally-written captions

Plug and play monthly captions to match your branded videos and images to encourage shares, smiles and “oh my goodness I need to know this person” happy clicks to your DM’s and your inbox.

4 Video Reel Outlines

Video Reel outlines- the only thing you’re going to need to create yourself (or outsource) each month. You’ll get action steps, recommended audio, an example and the caption to go with- and you simply film and post. No topic brainstorming is required.

4 Group Coaching Sessions

I’ll also walk you through ways you can “squeeze those lemons” in one of the four group coaching calls this semester, to get every bit of goodness out of each of your marketing assets and you can submit questions and watch the recording if the times don’t work for you so everyone can get juicy!

Oh and one biggie that comes up a lot- we can fix your hashtags, and review your profiles right here in these sessions with over the shoulder tutorials.

2 Blog Outlines

2 Blog Outlines to easily customize to your area and business. Blogs are great for creating SEO content for your website which will help increase organic traffic to your website and put your business higher in search results.

Plus if you join now you’ll get these bonuses:

BONUS #1: IF PAID IN FULL 2 Fully Written SEO Blogs


If you paid for your semester if full we will write two blogs for you that are SEO optimized. You will provide the topics and we will take it from there. Our blog expert will curate your blogs to your area and business.

VALUE $450

BONUS #2: Get my personal VA to post all of your social media content for you.


Get access to my personal VA to post all of your social media content for you so you don’t need to do anything. This is completely optional, you’ll get the opportunity to hire her in your welcome email – watch out for the link! She’s cutting you mates rates for the small monthly fee of $97.

VALUE $197

Total bonus value: $647! ?

Wanna get “my analytics are going
through the roof!” results like Becky Lea?


“My favorite thing about Better Marketing with Bella is that I don’t have to sit and try to figure out what I’m going to say, how to add my colours, and make a professional graphic. It’s all done for me. I know it’s a big investment, but it’s a great investment for your business. And for your time.”

Since joining Better Marketing with Bella I have so much more engagement.

Existing clients are sharing my posts because they look
so awesome, and then I’m getting calls from people
who have seen their friends share my post and talk
about me…

and they want to know if I’m taking on new clients!

Jenny took one piece of advice I gave her and within ONE HOUR had three new meet & greets booked in.

“As soon as I got off the call with Bella, I did one piece of advice she gave me. Within one hour- I had three new meet and greets scheduled and within overnights I had six new requests for meet and greets. I’m telling you I did one thing that Bella suggested. And now I have six new clients.”

You can trust Tiffany’s judgment…

“It’s not often I meet someone that has more experience and knowledge than me in the pet care world, but I did when I met Bella.

She really knows her stuff and you can trust her judgment. She has helped me through so many struggles and has given me so many great ideas that have really helped my business. I look to her for guidance and she has never let me down.”

Questions people usually ask before
they join Better Marketing with Bella

Is this a month-to-month or cancel-at-any-time membership?

No. For our monthly and 6-months (paid in full) plan, we require a 6 months commitment. For our 12 months (paid in full) plan, we require a 12-months commitment. There are absolutely no cancellations and/or refunds.

Can I request changes/edits to the graphics ?

No. What allows us to offer this package at such low rates is because we batch create all of the content. We have social media and design experts on our team who work together to give you the best bang for your buck.

I’ve tried social media before but it didn't work, will this be any different?

Social media marketing for pet businesses is my favorite thing. I’ve been doing this since before Facebook was a cool thing to do. I know exactly what is happening behind the scenes of Facebook and Instagram so I know exactly why what you’re doing has caused you to tank in the past. When you join Better Marketing with Bella, not only do you get a diagnosis of where your problems lie… you also get the prescription you need to pep you up and make your content pop!

You won’t believe the difference in your reach, your visibility and your engagement once you get your content dialled in.

And this is exactly what we’ll do together.

I’m so excited for you to see the difference this is going to make for your business!

Will my social feed look like others?

Nope. We customize all of your graphics with your font, color and logo which instantly changes the look and feel of the graphics, plus you’ll be adding your own posts (with guidance from me during the coaching sessions) that will help your individuality really shine through.

We talk a lot about storytelling in the group sessions, because as pet business owners we tend to end up writing too much about ourselves and our business, but people aren’t interested in that. So you’ll learn how to turn the tables and reframe what you want to say in a way that engages your audience (and gets them to share your content with their friends).

I don’t have an email list, do I really need one?

Rover is emailing your ideal client weekly. And your pet parents are probably not even reading the emails. But they are seeing them in their inbox before they hit delete… so when it comes to finding themselves a sitter/ trainer/ walker, Rover is top of their mind.

We both know you’re the Bentley equivalent of pet services, but your people won’t know unless you look like a Bentley.

This means investing in content and social media graphics that show you’re prepared to invest in yourself, and in your business.

In the program we send you emails written by a pro copywriter who specialises in writing for pet businesses, and you can learn how to easily set up an email provider if you don’t have one already (with your complimentary access to Bella School)… so you can shove past Rover and be the human face people remember when they open their inbox.

I’m struggling for time, how will I fit this in?

When you join Better Marketing with Bella you’ll be able to get your whole month’s marketing sorted in 90 minutes…and if you hire my VA you’ll spend almost no time at all!

And it’s not just time you’ll save in Canva. Just think…

…how much time will be saved when clients call you up after seeing you on social?

…how much time will be saved when people ask you if they can work with you (because you’re such a cool cucumber? yup, they saw you on social… )

…how much time will be saved now you don’t have to scrabble every time you see it’s national dog dentist day?… because you know your post is already created.

I’m gonna be real with you right now and say that you don’t have time not to do this right now.

You shouldn’t be spending your limited time creating (oftentimes sub par) posts for Facebook & Insta when you should be investing time building your business (or taking a walk or sleeping).

For $497/month? 

Freedom + more clients + more new hires + coaching = no brainer in my book.

A social media manager alone would cost you over $800/mo and they’ll need directions from you! #aintnoonegottimeforthat