november pet sitting blog ideas

4 November Pet Sitting Blog Or Video Ideas

The Fall season is coming to an end, and Winter is quickly approaching as we enter into November. So what does this mean for you as a business owner? Well, it means Thanksgiving and Black Friday are coming up, the weather is starting to change, and people will be taking a number of holiday trips! The opportunities to market and gain new clients are endless. But how will these potential clients find you? Through your blog of course! Read on for a November pet sitting blog ideas I have compiled in order to drive traffic to your blog and appeal to a new base.

4 November Pet Sitting Blog Or Video Ideas

november pet sitting blog ideas

1. Holidays – Thanksgiving/Black Friday!

Many people go out of town for Thanksgiving weekend, since it’s a four day weekend for most. This means that there are a pool of potential clients in your area that will be looking for a solution to watch their pets when they’re away. That’s where you come in! You can write or talk about a number of Thanksgiving topics including:

  • Thanksgiving foods you can/can not feed your pets
  • Why your cat/dog is thankful for you/your pet sitter
  • Why pet owners are thankful for their pets
  • Hot Black Friday deals for pet toys/products

The list goes on and on!


2. Say Goodbye To Autumn, & Hello To Winter!

Weather is a great topic to write or talk about, since many pet owners are unsure on how to handle their pets in certain climates. A lot of questions arise when dealing with snowfall and below zero temperatures. Consider writing or talking about ideas such as:

  • What temperature is the ‘cut-off’ for walking my dog?
  • Should dogs wear snow booties while walking?
  • Does salt hurt my dog’s paws?
  • What happens if my dog eats snow?

These are just a few ideas, but brainstorm a little and you’ll be sure to come up with a lot of compelling questions worth answering!


3. Winter Games & Activities

Admittedly, there’s not a whole lot of games that dogs can play outside in freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall (at least not ones that are very long!). But don’t let this stop you from writing or talking about other activities pet owners can do with their animals indoors while they’re waiting for the weather to warm up!

Try searching the Internet for games that dogs and their owners can play in the snow, such as hide-n-go seek with a treat. Compile a list! Or, write or talk about some indoor activities pet owners can engage in with their dogs and cats such as snuggling, watching movies, playing with indoor toys, taking naps, and more.

Are there restaurants in your area that pet-friendlyndly? Make a list, describe each one, and use it as a blog! You can also do this for hiking/walking trails and stores (preferably ones with Black Friday deals!).


4. Consider The Pet Education Themes Of The Month is a great resource for learning all about monthly themes. To save you some time, here are the themes that you can write or talk about for November:

  • Adopt A Senior Pet Month (ASPCA). Write a blog or make a video about why adopting senior pets is worth it!
  • Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Make a blog or video about early cancer warning signs/symptoms, treatment methods, prevention tools, and more.
  • Pet Diabetes Month. Write a blog or make a video about early diabetes warning signs/symptoms, treatment methods, prevention tools, and more.
  • National Dog Show (American Kennel Club). Broadcast yearly on Thanksgiving! Be sure to tell your clients where/when/how they can watch!
  • National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week (The US Humane Society) – November 5th – 11th. You can talk about the benefits that shelters provide to homeless animals, and why it’s always better to adopt and not shop!
  • National Take A Hike Day (November 17th). Encourage your clients to take some time to take their dog on a hike! Be sure to give them a choice of some stellar local hiking trails.

I hope these November pet sitting blog or video ideas are helpful to you and are able to give you some inspiration. If you are a pet sitting business that DOESN’T have a blog – it’s never too late to start. If you’re still not convinced, check out these blogs I wrote on Why Should I Blog For My Pet Sitting Business and Why You Should Care About Your Holiday Cover Profiles And Blogging.

Also, if you’re tired of doing your own marketing, why not let me do it for you? Check out my Better Marketing With Bella Program.

Lastly, if you choose to write about any of these topics – be sure to post a link to your blog in the comments section so I can read it. I want to see where your creative minds take these ideas!

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