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Hi! I’m Bella!

I help pet sitters scale their business with staff while providing them with unconventional ways to operate their business to disrupt this saturated industry.  I believe that every pet sitting business owner should have a beautiful life that they enjoy living while having an asset building in the form of their pet business.

Hundreds of other pet businesses have benefited around the world from my pioneering ways on pricing, messaging, operations, and more. Just check out the testimonies tab. It goes on for days!

Fun Fact: About 80% of the content I produce is actually FREE.

You can find it through my weekly podcasts (over 20K downloads), active Facebook groups (over 1000 people combined), Youtube videos (almost 100), and over 300 blogs? There is a running joke that I have answered almost every pet sitter’s question at least once. So go ahead, take a look around.

Let me know how I can help get your tail wagging!

pet business consultant

Use This Site As The Google Of The Pet Business World!

Bella Vasta

INSTRUCTIONS: Go to the top right of the website and press the magnifying glass. There, type in the topic you are interested in learning about and the articles, podcasts, and videos I have created will appear!

Featured Product:

The LARGEST and most COMPREHENSIVE 30 day Employee program in the pet industry.

Get that tail wagging because over the past ten years I have perfected exactly how to get you up and running with employees in just 30 days. Pet sitters rave about whats inside saying, “The Employee Quick Start is where it is at!”  You will learn how to build up a support team, pricing, interviewing, training, hiring, managing, with a lot of freebies included! 60 pages of download and 2 hours of audio,  you can consider it everything you need to know!

My Blog

Why Charging What You "Feel" Is Right, Could Cost You Your Business.

I just called McDonald's here in Scottsdale. If you were to start working there today, you would automatically get health insurance and you your starting pay would be $7.30/hr. That is more than the average pet sitter makes.

[Audio MP3] Christ Based Networking

On April 13th, at Desert Life Church I gave a 30 minute talk…

Why be bitter? Attitude is everything!

It is said that it takes more energy to be mad than to be happy.…
small business coaching integrity

Want Revenge? Think Again.

Revenge always feels good for a minute, but then it wears off. Speaking out and telling everyone of the wrong doing also feels good, but you run a big risk of it back firing and you looking bad...
small business coaching

Who Exactly Is An Expert?

In addition to being an "expert" you need to have your niche. No one can possibly be an expert about everything. If they were, they would be God.

Why Do I Need Social Media In My Pet Sitting Business?

Danielle, I just don't get it. It is all GREEK to me and none of this makes sense. What is social media? How does social media all go together? and WHY do I need it for my business? Can you explain it all to me please?

What IS Social Media anyways? | Small Business Coaching

Danielle, I just don't get it. It is all GREEK to me and none of this makes sense. What is social media? How does social media all go together? and WHY do I need it for my business? Can you explain it all to me please?

I Can't Help The People That Aren't Willing To Do These 4 Things:

These are the same things that prevent us from setting goals. From turning dreams into reality. You attitude should be filled with I CAN not... "I can only if..." You must get rid of the stinking thinking, acknowledge that you are not perfect, you can't always make everyone happy, and make a conscious promise to yourself to take a STAND in your life!!!!