Your Personal Power-Chute ~ The Bouncing Bella

Admit it: You have a bad case of the BLAHS. What you want and need is to feel like an excited puppy about your business all over again. Well, stop swimming in those problems and start bouncing with me instead!

In these 4 one hour sessions, we’ll create a personal power-chute plan so you can go leaping off into the success sunset.

Rescheduling is allowed once per a four pack of coaching sessions with a 24 hour written notice. Please schedule sessions no more than 7 days a part from one another. Contract needs to be signed 24hours before the first session or the session will be canceled and it will count as your one reschedule

Session Includes

  • Four 1-hour, personal sessions via teleconference with Bella

  • Step One: Make your payment

    Click ADD TO CART and then at the top right of the screen click My Cart to check out.

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  • Step Two: Book a time

    Find an available time on my calendar.