pet sitters who addressed cost

2 Fearless Pet Sitters Who Addressed Cost Head On

We know as business owners how serious pet sitting is. But, there is still a common stigma around the industry that is it more of  a “hobby.” To combat this, today I bring you 2 pet sitters who helped solidify the seriousness of pet sitting. They are doing this by educating potential clients on the costs and benefits. Additionally, these pet sitters who addressed cost on the Internet for everyone to lets their clients know that they have nothing to hide – showing their transparency and honesty.

2 Fearless Pet Sitters Who Addressed Cost Head On

pet sitters who addressed cost


#1 Sit-Stay-Play

Here in Indianapolis, Indiana, Kelley Stewart addresses a highly debated topic head on. She explains why pet sitting is more expensive than kenneling. She describes how very different pet sitting and kenneling are, which is why it can be difficult to compare cost.

You might be thinking, “Why do I want to introduce a potential client to another option for their pet other than my company?” Transparent pet sitters show potential clients that you are honest and looking out for them. Plus, providing them with answers to all of the options shows you have nothing to hide.



#2 Endless Pawsibilities

Tori Lattig (who we featured in our Transparent Pet Sitters Blog) is one of the pet sitters who addressed cost head on when she breaks down exactly how much pet sitting costs.  She describes how professional pet sitting companies can structure their prices very differently based on a number of factors.

She goes on to explain those factors, and concludes by citing the national average for pet sitting visits.

This kind of post gives the client some background behind why pet sitting prices can fluctuate so drastically. By citing the national average, now the client will be able to compare yours and others’ services to this number. This ultimately helps the client choose the services that’s best for them.

Endless Pawsibilities

When these pet sitters addressed cost, they demonstrated transparency and honesty to their readers. There are other ways to show transparency, but talking cost is key since it can sometimes be a “touchy” subject.

Nobody really wants to talk about it. So, when pet sitters come out and educate the public on why pet sitting costs what it does – it shows that the industry and their business is serious. They’re showing that pet sitting is here to stay.

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