12 Places You Can Find Pet Sitting Applicants


“Where can I find pet sitting applicants? I am tired of Craigslist”

I get this question on a weekly basis, so I thought I would compile a list of 12 great places other than craigslist you can find pet sitting applicants.

They might take a little leg work on your end or ability to speak to people… but you have not done everything to find qualified pet sitting applicants for your team until you have tired all of these. Are you up for the challenge?

1 – Local Vets – Vet offices are great to find overnight sitters because they work during the day and can do overnights at night. Give them a flier to put on their break room refrigerator.  If you don’t know how to establish a relationship with them, I tell you exactly how to do that here

2 – Local Groomers – Again, great resource for overnight pet sitting applicants. Also, dog lovers are walking in their store front every day.

Dog Grooming Salon

Dog Grooming Salon

If you have a relationship with one of them, see if they will let you put a pull tab flier offering a job.

3 – Advertising- If you do any print advertising, the bottom should always say something like “Always looking for pet care professionals. Apply within.” So your advertisement isn’t only for clients, but pet sitters as well.

4 – Business cards – A line on your business card, would help ensure that people always know you are looking to hire.

5 – Vet Schools – Find out if there is a vet tech school, equine science, or vet school in your area. These students look for internships, and jobs to help support their schooling. Depending on their schedule, they might be able to work weekends, or mornings, or nights for you! Defiantly, overnights.

6 – Online Students – Every community and main college have online courses now. Contact the Advisory Office and find out how you can post a job.

7 – Email To Clients – You can send a mass email to clients letting them know that you are looking for a pet sitter, with a link to the description of what you are looking for.

8 – Facebook – There are 4 things you can do to share it on Facebook:

a. Share on your personal page.
b. Share on your business page.
c. Share on your partners pages (Rescues, other pet businesses)
d. Pay for an advertisement or sponsored story to show up on people’s feeds. You can target lots of demographics here.

9 – Email Influencers: Is there a local blog, news source, person that has a large sphere of influence? Do you belong to any networking groups, know any movers and shakers? Send them your link for employment and ask them if they can share this. This also works well at rescue groups that you may have relationships with. 

10 – Senior Centers Seniors can be a gold mine. They tend to have great work ethic and lots of time. Ask your local center if there is a way you can post a job. 

11 – PTO’s Parent teacher organizations are great! Especially the high school ones. YOu have parents making the transition with children who don’t “need” them as much but still have a lot of nurturing love to give. Email the presidents and ask if there is a way you can get your job posting out there. A facebook group? Email letter?

12 – Local newspaper  This is a old school idea, but can still work. If you live in a small town or have a community newsletter, sticking an advertisement for a job offer could be a great thing. Just include a short url or phone number they can call for more info.

So you can see, there are plenty more places you can search for the perfect pet sitting candidate other than Craigslist. Although Craigslist seems to be the “go to” with pet sitters, because it is just a simple click of the button and you sit back. These ideas above will require a bit more work and diligence, but they do work. I know first hand.

Now, when you get applicants, how do you know if you are disqualifying them too soon?


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  1. Michelle Cohn
    Michelle Cohn says:

    I think it is so important to keep an open mind when utilizing all of the sources listed. Just because something did or did not work doesn’t mean to use or not use that option in the future. I recently had a tough time with Craigslist, but just had three wonderful applicants come through the doors. Additionally, when speaking to what I thought could be a potential client, that noticed my car advertisement, I actually uncovered someone who had previous dog walking experience and was interested in getting back into it. Employee referrals are also another really great source. The person they refer is almost always someone great. They don’t want to refer anyone that won’t be a good employee because it could reflect on them. I offer a nice incentive for employee referrals too. The important thing, though, is to continually be on the lookout for good potential hires, to not get discouraged, and not to settle!


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