12 Places You Can Find Pet Sitting Applicants

12 Places You Can Find Pet Sitting Applicants

“Where can I find pet sitting applicants?”

Have you ever felt like you are getting all the wrong applicants? Or no one is applying? You have posted an ad, and crickets. I can totally relate to how frustrating this can be. So today I am going to give you ideas of where you can try to attract the most applicants to your job ad.

  • Local Vets
  • Local Groomers
  • Post on your social channels
  • Advertising
  • Business Cards
  • Vet Schools
  • Colleges
  • Via your clients
  • Nextdoor.com and FB Groups
  • Influencers
  • Senior Centers
  • Ask your current staff

The most important thing you need to know before doing this is you MUST have your systems automated and strategized. If you are going to work so hard to get people to apply with you, you need to be inviting, exciting, and responsive when they do apply. If you need help with this, you should look into JazzHr. 


Local Vets

If you think about it, your local veterinarian is surrounded by pet lovers. The obvious thought is their staff… but I am going to challenge you a bit on that. They might be able to work part time, or overnights (if you still do them), but they might be willing to mention your opening in their next email blast, on their social channels, or posted somewhere in their location.


Local Groomers

This mentality is similar to the veterinarians. They are surrounded by pet lovers and depending on how close your relationship is they can also share on social and maybe post it in their location. They know pet lovers so putting a bug in their ear is always a great thing! If you really want to learn how to schmooze the vets and learn step by step how I used to do it to get “endorced” by local vets, check out this class.


Post on Your Social Media

Social media marketing isn’t just for attracting customers, but also for employees. It goes beyond posting a graphic that says “we are hiring.” It requires that you are regularly telling the story of what it looks to work for you and why you appreciate your staff too much. As a bonus this will be attractive for potential clients to see too. Better Marketing with Bella provides graphics and videos each month for this and teaches you how to do this without being sleazy.

hiring pet sitters


Anytime you have an advertisement in print or maybe posting a PSA somewhere online, always include “Always looking for pet care professionals. Apply within.” at the bottom so it plants seeds.


Business Cards

A line on your business card, would help ensure that people always know you are looking to hire.


Vet Schools

Find out if there is a vet tech school, equine science, or vet school in your area. These students look for internships, and jobs to help support their schooling. Depending on their schedule, they might be able to work weekends, or mornings, or nights for you! Especially overnights if you offer them.


College Students

Every community and main college have online courses now. Contact the Advisory Office and find out how you can post a job. Write a job posting that speaks directly to them. If you are in the Mastermind I have spoken about this a lot.


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Email to Clients

You can send a mass email to clients letting them know that you are looking for a pet sitter, with a link to the your hiring page. I always like to word this, “Who do you know?”


Nextdoor.com and Facebook Groups

Anywhere your community gathers is a great place to post your ads. I taught the Better Marketing with Bella crew the super simple way to stand out in Facebook Groups by creating and using your own branded giphys. One time posting with the giphy got one of my clients four new clients! It works spectacular and a great way to stand out from the crowd of everyone and the neighbor saying they can “pet sit” 🙂


Influencers in Your Community

This is why it is important to do outbound marketing on Instagram. Make friendships with movers and shakers in your community. This could be the head of non profits, networking groups, or realtors. Ask them if they can share a post or link with their group about your job opening.


Senior Centers

Seniors can be a gold mine. They tend to have great work ethic and lots of time. Ask your local center if there is a way you can post a job. 


Ask your Current Staff

Don’t forget to ask your staff INDIVIDUALLY if they know anyone looking for a job. Money doesn’t typically motivate them so putting an incentive program won’t typically work. I mean think about it, they aren’t working for you because they are motivated by money. Don’t forget to ask your staff.

So please think about all of this. Many say that they are having trouble hirng. That they can’t find anyone but often they aren’t posting enough. Or they aren’t actually MARKETING their hiring ad. Now you have no excuse. 🙂 Which idea did you like the best?