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How Do I Tell My Pet Sitting Clients I Won’t Be Their Pet Sitter?

I recently asked a question to a group of pet sitters that had staff, “What is holding you back from taking days off?” The answers were all quite similar.

“My pet sitting clients don’t want anyone else other than me.”

Oie! That is a doosey, right? I remember being in this same exact position. I was afraid my pet sitting clients would get upset and leave my company if I “broke up” with them. Although, lets take a closer look at this.

If your pet sitting clients threaten to leave your company, wouldn’t they be in the same boat of having to find someone else to trust? The key to all of this is that they trust you, so show them how to trust your judgement on who you have hired.

Ok, so we established that objection is just a myth! Here is your rebuttal:

Tell the client, “If you were to go find another company, you would have to work up a whole new trust with them. In this case, I am sending someone who has gained my approval and I would never do you or your pets wrong.”

Let’s examine your own self confidence for a bit. You want the time off, but can’t see to say the word NO and stand up for your free time, huh? How do you gain the confidence to do this?

I want you to follow these steps to make the transition:

1 – When you are getting ready to switch your pet sitting clients over, take the new staff member with you when doing  1-3 of the visits.
2 – Write your care notes talking about the amazing bond that the new staff member is making with the pet and how the pet doesn’t even care about YOU anymore.
3 – Take pictures of the new staff member with the pets.

The next time the pet sitting client books, I want you to email them a thank you for the booking and tell them that you are unavailable but your staff member is. Include a link to their bio on your website so they can get to know them better and put a face to a name. Include an attachment with a picture of their pet with the new staff member.

TIP: A video biography would be very impactful! Just 30 seconds.

4 – Express that you are more than happy to arrange a meeting if they would like, although you and staff member feel more than comfortable proceeding forward. Waive that meet n greet fee. You are building up a trusting relationshippet sitting business coaching.

5 – Enjoy your cat nap on the couch  or day off while your staff works!

The important elements to this are that you are not asking the client. You are telling them what is going to happen and giving them options. People always like options. It makes them feel better. Also, you are telling them that you can’t do it because you are booked/schedule is changing so they don’t have any valid objection to “But I want YOU”

You are now permanently BUSY. You are the owner of the business which means you call the shots.

This is really a very easy thing to do. You just need to know how to handle the scenario so there isn’t an objection and if there is you know what to say.

Still worried? Post your comments below. I am here to answer all your fears. Really! I am 🙂

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