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Reasons Why Most Pet Sitting Companies FAIL In Their Community

In the pet sitting industry, building community is extremely important. It’s up to YOU as a business owner to connect with your community and build meaningful relationships. Doing so will make your business relevant and well known. Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of pet sitting companies and am well versed in the most commonly made mistakes. So today I’m going to share what I’ve learned about why most pet sitting companies FAIL in their community.


Reasons Why Most Pet Sitting Companies FAIL In Their Community


They DON’T Do Events

Events are no-doubt extremely important – whether your participating or organizing in a small dog walking club of 5 people or a massive Pet-A-Palooza that attracts thousands of people. The purpose of events isn’t to get clients,  but it’s to build relationships. Not only with potential clients, but more importantly – strategic networking alliances.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”_29Io” via=”no” ]”I never did events to get clients, I always did events to meet other business owners that could help me somehow” -Bella[/ctt]

Pet sitting companies fail when they don’t do events because they’re missing a key component of putting themselves OUT THERE. And it’s not enough just to do an event – it has to be done well. I have a number of resources on how to do this here:

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They DON’T Do Raffles

When I talk about raffles I’m NOT talking about holding a raffle to gain potential client information. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – consumers are way too smart for this kind of gimmick. The raffles I’m describing are ones held by other organizations.

For example, reach out to various organizations or even a local school’s PTO and say you’re willing to put up the money to have a raffle. How annoying is it to be apart of a committee trying to raise money to hold a silent auction? Be that person that just goes out and DOES it!

Everyone will respect you for it, and you’ll get to not only promote your business for being a sponsor but you’ll build a great business partnership.


They Isolate Themselves

Being a pet sitter or a pet business owner can be very lonesome and isolating. More often then not, you’re not headed off to an office every day to interact with others. So, it’s important that you work extra hard to put yourself out there and connect with others. Not just for your own health, but to help your business!

The bottom line is that you need to be out there promoting. Not necessarily your own business, but other’s people’s businesses and products. By sharing events online taking people out to lunch/coffee, and getting to know them – you are building community.

You want to know them enough that you naturally promote them. So, make it a goal to reach out and have coffee with one new business owner a month. Ask them questions:

  • Where did they start?
  • How do they advertise?
  • What’s their secret weapon?
  • Who’s their best contact?
  • What kind of contact are they looking for?

See where you can meet their common ground.

Pet businesses fail when they isolate themselves and don’t build up a strong foundation with a strong team. You can’t do it alone – so don’t be afraid to use other businesses to your advantage! It will be mutually beneficial and may even help you form some new friendships.


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