Cut Your Business Expenses By Having Pet Sitting Software Is Cost You Money

Cut Your Business Expenses By Having Pet Sitting Software Is Cost You Money

It’s no secret that ongoing innovations in technology can make running a business easier and more hands off. But one of the premiere technology hacks you MUST have for your pet sitting business is pet sitting software – no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Why? Because not having it is costing you more money than you can even imagine. Today, let’s break down why this is the case and then discuss some resources I have for you to decide which pet sitting software is right for you, should you decide to take the plunge.


How Not Having Pet Sitting Software Is COSTING You Money

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1. It Makes Clients Schedule

Do you feel like you’re always on the phone, whether it be texting or calling? Are you having difficulty keeping your calendar updated with all of your pet sits? What about communicating with your employees which visits they’re supposed to do? Pet sitting software essentially takes ALL of these problems away. You’ll seriously be shocked at how much time you’ll be getting back.

Now any time anyone calls to schedule, you simply have to redirect them to your website. Then they can schedule themselves, so you can manage not only your own but all of your employee’s schedules as well!


2. It Makes Sitters Enter In Their Time Off

Suzy needs Tuesdays and Fridays off, but then John needs Wednesday and Mondays off, and you can’t remember which one of them needed next weekend off. Ugh! Seriously – you have so many other better things to do then be a human calendar. Having pet sitting software allows your sitters to enter their time off, so you can schedule pet sits around them. No more having to bounce back between a bunch of different calendars, or go through endless amount of notes. It’s all right there for you, all the time.


3. It Makes Clients Update Profiles Before Trips

We all know those pet parents that are constantly switching routines, food types, litter types, what have you. But no more having to constantly ask and make note of all those changes. Pet sitting software puts that responsibility straight into the clients hands. The software will prompt them to update their information before they leave, and now all you have to do on your end is execute. See how much time you’ll be getting back?


4. You Can Use It To Track Your Sales & Numbers To Project Needs

A lot of pet sitting software function as accounting software as well, allowing you to see your sales and see what most people are buying (A.M. visits, P.M. visits etc.). This will allow you to project what people are going to buy, and can allow you to adjust your marketing accordingly. Plus, this takes away the trouble of you having to create your own spreadsheet to keep track of all of these numbers. It’s already all done for you.


5. You Can Give Staff The Responsibility Of Updating Client Notes

Another time-saver here. When I ran my pet sitting business, it was totally in the hands of my staff to create and update client notes after consultations and as changes occurred. This is something you can do too – provided you equip your staff with the right tools. Employees love software and processes, because it makes their job structured and easier. Now, whenever clients have updates and their unable to put it in the notes themselves, you can give it to your staff to do. Awesome!

Alright – have I convinced you yet? I could go on and on and on of why pet sitting software is absolute necessity for any serious pet sitting business, but these reasons are the 5 big ones. Now, there are TONS of different software companies each with their own set of features.

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