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5 Major Pet Sitting Website Problems I See In The First Fold

Having a top notch pet sitting website is so incredibly crucial to your business. More specifically, the first fold of your website has got to be clean, organized, and attention-grabbing. So, let’s talk about the top pet sitting website problems that I see and how you can ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes. You want to make sure that your website is solving your viewers problems and not giving them more.

5 Major Pet Sitting Website Problems I See In The First Fold

pet sitting website problems

#1 – No Logo

Your logo is so important! Why? People need to know through a visual who they’re visiting. Plus, most people will remember a visual over a name. If they’ve seen you before in the community they might recognize your visual (your logo).

Typical logos these days are in the top left corner and can either be a square or a rectangle. Your logo should be able to be manipulated into both shapes. For more on this, be sure to check out this blog I wrote on how to create a great pet sitting logo.

Now for the problems…

A lot of the times I’ll see logos that are either A) chopped off or B) you can’t see it. These pet sitting website problems are rookie mistakes – don’t let yourself lose business over something so easy, yet crucial.

Here’s a great logo example. Notice how the logo is a square, in the top left corner, and is easy to read and see.

next level pet care

Next Level Pet Care – Yenni Desroches


#2 – No Emotion

What do I mean by this? I mean that the website doesn’t bring me to “feel” anything. The website will feel cold and maybe even corporate. It doesn’t make me go “Awwww!” As I am smiling.

It’s important to connect with people because they’re feeling a lot of stress and worry leaving their “baby,” who they love, with a stranger. They want to feel like you understand them and they want to feel the love and intimacy. Pet sitting websites needs to be cute, cuddly, fluffy, and happy. But still professional. This balance can be tough.

The best way to test this is to show people your website and have them tell you what they feel in the first 3-5 seconds of looking at it. If you’re not getting the response you’re looking for, think about changing your colors, design, fonts, or content. Maybe look at other websites for inspiration (but DON’T copy them!).

Check out this great example of a warm and fuzzy website. She uses video to really show the emotions that the pet sitters and pets experience when the pet parent hires the company.


Wet Noses Pet Sitting

Liana Sanders – Wet Noses Pet Sitting


#3 – No Contact Information.


[ctt template=”8″ link=”a0c7d” via=”no” ]@bellas_pets says, “With every click, the chances of losing your viewer increase.” #petsitter [/ctt]Check out this website. See how she has her phone number, email, Facebook, Twitter, and “Make A Reservation Now”? Everything a potential client could ever want, right there at the top. And they are all clickable.

One of the more common pet sitting website problems I see is no contact information. Crazy, right?!

If I’m driving down the freeway or at a stoplight and I’m looking for a solution to my problem, it needs to be right there IN MY FACE. If I can’t click to call – you’ve lost me! I need to have your phone number or email as one of the first things I see.  I need to be able to click right on it. Do NOT make me look for it.


karla's pet care

Karla’s Pet Care – Karla Cano


#4 – Tough Navigation.

Once again, with every click, your chances of losing your viewer increase. Don’t make your viewer think about anything. Don’t make them hunt. Give them exactly what they’re clicking/looking for.

You really do not want to have 10 different tabs across the top which each of them having a drop down of 10 more things. That’s way too complicated. You need to put the most major things in the navigation bar:

  • What services you provide
  • Who are you
  • How to book
  • How to contact you

These four things are really the only things that matter. Everything else can be in the footer navigation.

Side note: Websites now have a top navigation bar and a bottom navigation bar. The bottom navigation bar has things the top one doesn’t.

You’re competing against all the noise in the world, so you need to show people exactly what you want them to do.

Check out this example. She’s got the 4 crucial tabs “About Us”, “Services”, “Contact” and then a click-to-schedule link. It’s clean, simple, and readable.


Buckhead Pet Pals

Buckhead Pet Pals – Shannon Centola

5. Lack Of Call To Action.

Again, you need to tell people what you want them to do. What’s the next step?

Do you want them to call you, take a test, fill out a form, or email you? Ask for the sale or ask for the next thing you want them to do. If you don’t ask, don’t be surprised if you don’t get what you want. You need to ask for what you need. As far as pet sitting website problems go, this is one that is easy to implement.

An example of a good call to action would be:

Do you work long hours? Or are you going away? 

Check out these examples of good call-to-actions. Notice how she has “View our full service area” and “Have questions? We’re here to help!” If you look on her navigation bar see how it has “Request A Free Consultation” highlighted in yellow? These are all call-to-actions that give the potential client options to get involved and engaged.

king's and queen's pet sitting

Kings & Queens Pet Sitting LLC – Scherree Smith


Most Important Thing To Remember:

The important thing to remember is that a pet sitting website is not about you, the company. Keep in mind that nobody cares about you until they like you – which is what the “About Us” page is for. People will only care about you solving their problem – which is why you have to quickly and clearly explain how you plan to do just that.

If you’re panicking after reading this and are thinking “OMG I need to change everything!,” be sure to read what I wrote about what you need to know before you redo your pet sitting website.

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