4th Quarter Marketing Workshop in Philadelphia!

4th Quarter Marketing Workshop in Philadelphia!

Jump Into The Howlidays Workshop

Pet Business 4th Quarter Marketing Workshop LIVE, in person,
Philadelphia, PA Friday September 28, 2018 1-4 pm William Way LGBT
Community Center 1315 Spruce St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Do you always feel overwhelmed when the holidays come because your
Marketing is….ummm, lacking?

(READ: Non-existent)

christmas dog marketing

Have You Ever Felt This Way Around The Holidays?

1. Realized the week of Christmas: Shoot! I should throw up an image of a pet at Christmas. Make it look like I
got my act together! Or maybe you thought I should have had my act together
and sent out an email reminding people to book for the holidays….  

2. Maybe you have
seen another business rocking the holiday messaging and
shared their image to try to piggy back on their marketing?

…….Or be honest! You have been a little jealous because you wish YOU
thought of that idea so you take a screenshot and vowed that NEXT YEAR – I
WILL GET THIS RIGHT! (but you really don’t)

3. Maybe you are just tired? It is cold and grey outside!
You are so sick of schlepping in and out of your house peeling all your layers
on and off and the last thing you want to do AFTER you warm up from this
frigid New England weather is to actually try to be creative and
plan ahead for this holiday marketing….

Not to mention there are enough other people pulling at you like your family and DANG this weather is COLD.

……..(insert the ‘I’m too busy’ and the ‘I’m not good enough’ self-tapes

But Do You Know…

Pet business marketing

Holiday marketing is one of the BEST opportunities you
have to invest in your business.

1. Every 12 months the holiday season comes! (So you can use it again and again) 
2. People are feeling happy, cheery, and will always love pets.
Just think…… YOUR marketing could be something that a cold, exhausted, and
depressed business owner shares on social media! (which used to be you…see above *wink*)

3. Producing holiday-themed marketing
shows your business is fresh, plans ahead, and on top of things! This makes people LIKE you and want to TRUST you because you appear to have
it all together.

Pet business holiday marketing

The Holiday Season Creates A Unique Opportunity Unlike Any Other Time Of The Year!

  • You can connect and/or
    create relationships with other businesses in your
  • Offers you a unique message that typically is newsworthy.
  • Gives you an excuse to expose your brand through thoughtful
    and helpful messages

The 4th Quarter Holidays Are Bountiful And Include:

Halloween Veteran’s Day Thanksgiving Hanukkah
Christmas  New Years


Bella is Coming to Philadelphia…


Pet business marketing

She wants to give you a one on one, face to face dose of holiday cheer and
get your entire fourth quarter marketing in gear… IN SEPTEMBER!

This will give you plenty of time to take what you learn
(and create!) from the workshop and execute when you arrive home
because you will be three months ahead of schedule.

Imagine how that would FEEL? 🙂

You could get busy cooking with the kiddos in the kitchen for the holiday season
rather than being chained to your digital device!

dog walker marketing

Let this year be the year that you can rock your marketing all the way around
the Christmas Tree in 2018…. And 2019, and 2020, and, well, you get it…


Join Bella In Philadelphia:

William Way Community Center 1315 Spruce St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Friday September 28, 2018 1-4 pm William Way LGBT Community Center 1315
Spruce St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
jump into the howlidays

The Setting & Experience:

A private community room is awaiting you. This will be an intimate small
group of pet business owners (less than 30) from all over the east coast for a
three-hour workshop.


It isn’t a lecture.

It isn’t a class.


It is an environment where you will want to bring your laptop or tablet and
we will have brainstorms, tactical, and creating materials as Bella go around
and helps you one on one.

You will receive a packet both printed out and in digital form so you can
follow along and have all the resources at your fingertips. You will leave
with concrete, actionable items that you can use immediately.


Feel The Energy! You will feel the energy as you feed off each other talking about the exact market that you all have experience with…… THE EAST COAST.

The entire group will have a lot in common and really become a think tank
for each other. Everyone is in the same climate, located in the “wicked” awesome
east coast, you have experienced ice skating on lakes, skiing up in New
Hampshire,  and all the snow, ice, festivities, and cold climate content you can
handle! Who knows? You might even make a new friend! 🙂 Hear what Lynn had to
say after just one hour with Bella in a workshop…

You Will Leave This Workshop With:

1. CONTENT: Your online content planned for Oct, Nov, and
Dec. Honestly, when have you EVER sat down and created a full-blown plan for

2. NETWORK: Know exactly how to network with businesses in
your area so you can leverage relationships by working together to make a
big splash in your community.
The Boston workshop created their own Facebook page after the

3. CAMPAIGN: A 4th quarter marketing campaign to designed
to connect your business to your community. (Three Hours with Bella Coaching $825)

4. EVENT: Excitement because you finally understand how to
have a successful event where your business is center of attention and gets
all the publicity. This same exact knowledge can be applied to endless
events beyond just October, November, and December. Bella will teach you all
the elements you need to make it a success, even her Amazon shopping lists
where it applies.  (Howling Event Class value $69.00)

5. SCHEDULE:  A plan for all your offline marketing BEFORE
the busy holiday season and leave with some of it already scheduled. Bella
will lay the steps to create a marketing plan out so you can see how easy
the process is to do so you can do it all year round.

6. MEDIA PITCH:  Leave with a pitch prepared to send off
to local media outlets to get your business featured in the news, the local
paper, radio, a local blog, or magazine. Just imagine how much exposure this
could bring you. (This is HUGE….. when you get a feature you now have bragging rights
for “as seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, or in The Boston Globe….)

None of this will be too technical or rocket science.

Bella Will Be There To…

Teach you, show you, and work ON things with you that day right on your
laptop.You are going to have Bella, an expert pet business and pet business
marketeer, looking over your shoulder at your laptop or tablet helping you 1:1
create your Master holiday plan that you can use again and again.

3-hour workshop Howling Event Class Download Handouts to follow along

Only $227.00 to secure your seat now. 

Due to the size of the venue,  and Bella’s desire to help each individual, seats are very limited.


Common Questions:

Can I bring my office manager or members of my staff?
Yes, although due to limited space, you will have to purchase multiple tickets. Contact Bella for more information: bella@jumpconsulting.net

Can I have my office manager go instead of me?

Will this be helpful to solopreneurs?
Of course! In fact, it will help take the stress, guilt, and creative brainstorming off your mind and enable you to knock out your holiday marketing knowing that you can reuse it again and again.

Will I leave with anything finished?
If you listen to what I will be presenting and actually do the WORK in the WORKshop then yes, there is no reason why you can’t leave with some things
already ready to go!

Will Bella help me brainstorm what I can do in my local town?
100% yes.

Will there be food served?
Food will not be provided.

Do I need to know anything technical for this class to be useful?
If you can log into Facebook, you are good to go!

Is this going to be any different than online?
One thousand percent YES. Anyone that has seen Bella live has said there is some energy and motivation that they walk away with. There is nothing that can ever be mistaken for when you can actually work one on one with someone.

Bella talks fast… how will I follow along?
Bella is going to be providing handouts to follow along with throughout the workshop. Don’t worry, you will be able to keep up and (hopefully) have a three-month content calendar by the time you leave!


Tickets are non-refundable but they are transferable.